Any serious counter-extremism strategy should consider religious charities

Any serious counter-extremism strategy should consider religious charities

As a commission calls for action to tackle hateful extremism, Megan Manson says changes in the charity sector –... Read More »

School sign

Faith-based school admissions pave the way for sexist and unreasonable demands. It’s time to end them

An adjudicator's ruling has exposed the outrageous requirements a state-funded faith school places on pupils and their... Read More »

Boy walking to school

Joint campuses are a cop out in efforts to tackle sectarianism

As the Scottish government confirms funding for a new joint campus between a non-denominational school and a Catholic... Read More »

Northern Ireland education review inclusion children at school

NI’s education review is a golden chance to take a stand for inclusion

Alastair Lichten says a review of education provision in Northern Ireland must be willing to challenge entrenched... Read More »

Children at school faith schools

The evidence against faith schools is overwhelming

A comprehensive new bank of academic research shows how shaky the main arguments for faith schools are, say its authors... Read More »

Tuam Bon Secours mother and baby home mass grave

Ireland's mother and baby homes scandal shows the necessity of separating church and state

The misery which women and children faced for decades highlights the damage that can be done when states leave religious... Read More »

Tandav film

Religious censorship is about ownership

Theocratic demands for censorship in India and Pakistan reflect attempts to grab power which undermine everyone's... Read More »

Christian nationalism in US Capitol riot

Christian nationalism is a key part of Trump’s legacy

As the US presidency changes hands, Alastair Lichten argues that understanding Christian nationalism is essential... Read More »

Children in class

Our school – and community – were severely disadvantaged by our C of E status

Former headteacher John Mapperley says the school he ran was given a vastly reduced range of options when considering... Read More »

Religious conversion

Religious conversion isn’t a charitable endeavour

Some registered charities exist primarily to convert members of one religion to another. Megan Manson says such activity... Read More »

Charlie Hebdo cartoon

"Being offended is the price we pay for living in a free society": NSS CEO talks to Charlie Hebdo

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been the target of terrorist attacks in 2011, 2015, and 2020. All... Read More »

Church open sign

The lockdown exemption for communal worship represents a dangerous double standard

With the country again plunged into a strict lockdown, Stephen Evans questions the rationale behind and wisdom of... Read More »

Freedom of and from religion

All I want for Christmas is freedom of and from religion

Opponents often erect a straw man of secularism to justify demands for religious privilege. But freedom of religion... Read More »

Understanding Christianity and the study of religion and worldviews

RE shouldn’t be a vehicle for the Church of England’s interests

A new study of a widely-used set of RE resources illustrates the way powerful groups control the subject to accommodate... Read More »

Sex education

The Catholic Church’s dogma shouldn’t undermine sex education

The local council in the Outer Hebrides has endorsed Catholic Church resources on sex and relationships – with... Read More »

Janet Daby MP

Religion is not a justification for discrimination

A shadow minister was wrong to say religious registrars should be able to opt out of providing same-sex marriages.... Read More »

Girl walking away from school

Allowing religious discrimination in school admissions opens the door to other forms of discrimination

A state-funded faith school recently rejected a child because her mother isn't Jewish. This shows the absurdity of... Read More »

Blood transfusion

The state mustn’t allow children to die for their stated religious beliefs

The High Court is considering whether to allow a girl from a Jehovah's Witness community to refuse blood transfusions.... Read More »

Poland women's strike abortion protests

The Catholic Church’s control over abortion policy has sparked a furious backlash in Poland

A ruling which effectively outlawed abortion in Poland has again highlighted the government's damagingly close relationship... Read More »

School sign

Why was the Church of England allowed to influence the direction of our local secular schools?

The church was given a key role on the board of our local multi-academy trust – even though there were no faith... Read More »

France flag burning

The onus should be on theocrats, not liberal democracies, to change

Liberal equivocation on whether to stand up to jihadist murder and Islamist intimidation is morally wrong, misguided... Read More »

Church and state should be separate

Church and state should be separate

Ahead of the NSS's 2020 Bradlaugh Lecture on the subject, Stephen Evans says the disestablishment of the Church of... Read More »

Pope Francis

Human rights should not be at the mercy of the pope’s pontifications

Amid widespread interest in the pope's views on same-sex civil unions, Megan Manson says states shouldn't allow themselves... Read More »

Assisted dying

The BMA’s opportunity to rethink its position on assisted dying

The British Medical Association's opposition to assisted dying is at odds with its members' views. There's now a chance... Read More »

Bishops' bench

The Church of England’s culture of entitlement has to end

The furore over John Sentamu not being handed a life peerage reveals an ugly culture of entitlement that has not served... Read More »

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