Sarah Mullally

Don’t take lessons on democracy from Church of England bishops

The bishop of London has lamented the state of British democracy while delivering a sermon at the annual judges' service.... Read More »

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child: Does its charity benefit the public?

Samaritan's Purse is again launching its Christmas shoebox scheme in parts of the UK. The harm done by Operation Christmas... Read More »

Ephraim Mirvis

The chief rabbi has made an anti-democratic attempt to shut down criticism

The chief rabbi has asked secularists to stop campaigning against practices such as faith schools and infant circumcision.... Read More »


A woman is convicted over circumcision. What happens next?

A pharmacist has been convicted for having a baby boy circumcised against his parents' wishes. Megan Manson says the... Read More »

Ballot box

Beware moving election dates for religious reasons

The proposed date for a general election has moved to accommodate a Jewish festival. Chris Sloggett asks whether the... Read More »

Justin Welby

Don't expect the Church of England to unify the country

The archbishop of Canterbury has been asked to help unify the country during Brexit. Chris Sloggett warns left-leaning... Read More »

Remove religious reps

Religious reps’ influence over education is an affront to democracy

After a National Secular Society report called for an end to religious appointees on council education committees... Read More »

Defend free speech

Islam, like any other religion, must be fair game for criticism

The disqualification of a GCSE student who criticised halal meat is a reminder of the need to resist censorious offence-taking... Read More »

Islamophobia defined

The gatekeepers of public debate can’t patronise away anti-Muslim bigotry

Adopting a proposed definition of 'Islamophobia' would restrict legitimate speech on Islam and embed a failing approach... Read More »

Teachers increasingly oppose faith schools and the discrimination they cause

Teachers increasingly oppose faith schools and the discrimination they cause

Research shows a majority of teachers supporting an end to new faith schools and a huge majority favouring an end... Read More »

Child praying

The government must respond to pressure to end compulsory school worship

As opposition to compulsory worship gathers and its defenders grow increasingly out of touch, Alastair Lichten says... Read More »

Faith based selection sends a damaging message to our children

Faith based selection sends a damaging message to our children

Earlier this year Comprehensive Future worked with the National Secular Society (which coordinates the No More Faith... Read More »


Non-stun slaughter must end on animal welfare grounds

Dr Joyce D'Silva of Compassion in World Farming says the organisation campaigns for an end to religious exemptions... Read More »

Nick Bourne

The ‘minister for faith’ shouldn’t be replaced

After the minister for faith's resignation, Stephen Evans says this unnecessary role enables the government to promote... Read More »


The new education secretary must resist the reactionary campaign against RSE

The campaign against inclusive relationships and sex education risks spreading from the school gates to sympathetic... Read More »

Council meeting

Prayers aren't appropriate in the public realm

As Brighton's new mayor comes under fire for abolishing prayers at council meetings, Stephen Evans argues that Britain's... Read More »

Crying baby

Charity law shouldn't support infant genital cutting

The existence of religious charities that support and facilitate infant circumcision demonstrates the urgent need... Read More »

Repeal blasphemy laws

Why won’t the government condemn the existence of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws?

Ministers keep condemning the "misuse" of Pakistan's blasphemy laws in response to parliamentary questions. But the... Read More »


Blasphemy culture mustn’t undermine freedom of the press

The press regulator is consulting on guidelines which will inform the way stories about Islam and Muslims are reported.... Read More »

Same-sex relationship

Why are we letting faith schools stigmatise same-sex relationships?

Ofsted penalises schools that refuse to teach about LGBT people, but seems to ignore other schools that teach same-sex... Read More »

Doctor and patient

Doctors who favour legalisation of assisted dying deserve a hearing

As more doctors' groups consult their members on assisted dying and parliament debates the issue, Dr Antony Lempert... Read More »

Prince William

Equality for LGBT people requires a secular head of state

Prince William's comments on supporting his children if they are gay should be treated with much less significance... Read More »

IICSA report is a damning indictment of Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse

IICSA report is a damning indictment of Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse

Richard Scorer, NSS Vice president and specialist child abuse lawyer, says the latest Independent Inquiry into Child... Read More »

Transgender and intersex

What might Catholic schools teach about transgender and intersex people?

Megan Manson examines a new document outlining the Catholic Church's position on issues relating to sex and gender... Read More »

Sara Khan

Countering the threat to religious freedom and of religious extremism

Countering extremism requires a whole-society response to uphold and promote democratic norms and principles and encourage... Read More »

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