We campaign for the law and the administration of justice to be based on equality, respect for human rights, and on objective evidence. In a secular democracy everyone is equal before the law, regardless of religion, belief or non-belief.

We seek to ensure that human rights do not lose out to religious demands, and challenge inappropriate or discriminatory exemptions to equality law for religious groups.

The National Secular Society upholds the universality of individual Human Rights, which should never be overridden on the grounds of religion, tradition or culture.

Policy statement (approved by the 2014 AGM)

Secular Legal Forum

The Secular Legal Forum (SLF) provides expert and professional advice and opinion to the NSS on issues related to the law, and provides a forum for supporters with expertise in the intersection of secularism and the law.

Membership of the Secular Legal Forum is open to legal professionals (including current, former and trainee professionals) and those with a particular expertise in the intersection of secularism and the law. All requests to join will be considered after signing up to the mailing list.

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We're been challenging religious threats to equality and human rights for over 150 years. Our huge progress needs to protected and there's still work to be done. Will you help?