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The National Secular Society works for the separation of religion and state and equal respect for everyone's human rights so that no one is either advantaged or disadvantaged on account of their beliefs.

Make a stand for freedom, fairness and human rights by adding your voice to the call for a secular democracy.

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Salman Rushdie's battle is the battle of all of us who stand on the right side of history, says Pragna Patel.

The Ayatollah will not have the last word

Posted: Tue, 16 Aug 2022

The best way to show solidarity with Salman Rushdie is by making sure his voice continues to be heard, says Stephen Evans.

The silencing of Salman Rushdie must not succeed

Posted: Sat, 13 Aug 2022

The Church of England's position on same-sex relationships should set the wheels of disestablishment in motion, says Stephen Evans.

Anglican gay sex debate is a reminder of the need for secularism

Posted: Wed, 03 Aug 2022

The rolling back of reproductive rights in America shows necessity of secularism, says Stephen Evans.

Freedoms that flow from secular democracy need to be defended

Posted: Fri, 08 Jul 2022

An obituary to Terry Sanderson, who died on June 12th 2022, by his civil partner Keith Porteous Wood.

Obituary: Former NSS president Terry Sanderson

Tags: NSS

Posted: Mon, 13 Jun 2022

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What our members say

  • I was spurred on to join the NSS by the torrent of attacks on secularism by Baroness Warsi amongst many others, and by the Pope's poisonous and mendacious claim that Nazi Germany was the result of atheism.

    Michael, Scottish Borders
  • I am angry about faith schools, free schools, and ridiculous 'faith' based views pervading education, including Sex Education.

    Niki, London
  • I think all groups, religious, atheistic or agnostic, have enough common ground to be able to live together in harmony under secular systems of governance, law, welfare, education, etc.

    Paula, Coalville
  • May I take this opportunity to mention that I think the NSS do an incredible job and I always look forward to reading the weekly bulletin. I feel that without people like you, religious groups would very likely run roughshod and their privileges would prevail. You will have my continued support.

  • I have come to appreciate that the NSS is often a lone voice of rationality in the wilderness that is dominated by religious dogma, bigotry and political manipulation.

    Marcus, Milford Haven