Hands holding

The Church of England’s position on sex is yet another reason for disestablishment

The C of E's position that sex is only for heterosexual married couples is heartless, discriminatory and out of touch... Read More »

Collective worship

Promote religious freedom in schools: abolish the worship requirement

A private member's bill to replace compulsory worship with inclusive assemblies should prompt the government to reform... Read More »

Peter Ball

Let’s disestablish the church that covered up sexual abuse

Keith Porteous Wood says the shocking failings highlighted by the BBC documentary The Church's Darkest Secret show... Read More »

Charlie Hebdo cover

Five years after the Charlie Hebdo murders, free expression on religion still needs promoting

Half a decade after the Islamist attack on cartoonists in France, Chris Sloggett says we owe it to the victims and... Read More »

Sex education

Don’t let controlling ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups undermine sex education

Sex education empowers young people. The government must stand up to those making faux religious freedom arguments... Read More »

1944 Education Act event

The 1944 Education Act was a landmark law – but let’s reconsider the privileges it granted to religion

Three-quarters of a century ago an enduring piece of legislation secured free education for all – but gave churches... Read More »

Dr Scott

Medical regulators shouldn’t let doctors push religion on patients

The General Medical Council has decided not to pursue a case against a GP who was accused of pushing religion on a... Read More »

Child praying

The requirement to hold collective worship in schools is crumbling and not worth saving

After two parents forced a school trust to provide an alternative to religious assemblies for their children, Alastair... Read More »

Glove and scissors

The medical profession should protect all children from unnecessary genital cutting

Doctors in Britain should follow the lead of those who have declared ritual male circumcision a breach of medical... Read More »



Party logos

Election 2019: Secularism and the parties of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Megan Manson continues our election analysis of parties' policies on secularist issues. This time she examines the... Read More »

Party logos

Election 2019: Where do the major parties stand on secularist issues?

Megan Manson studies the election manifestos for the main UK-wide parties – and says religion will continue... Read More »

Faith school signs

Why the blind spot when it comes to faith schools?

Politicians need to end their fetishisation of faith schools and face the fact that a religiously divided education... Read More »

Donation box

Most new faith based charities do nothing but promote religion. Time to reform charity law

An Islamic organisation which condones extremist messages was among charities which registered on questionable grounds... Read More »

_Alicja_ from Pixabay

If we want a tolerant Scotland, let’s educate children together

Research into sectarian attitudes by the University of Glasgow's school of education has added to the growing debate... Read More »

RE symbols and pupils

This isn’t the time to end the right to withdraw from RE in Wales

The Welsh government is considering removing the parental right to withdraw from religious education. Alastair Lichten... Read More »


Don’t let religious sectarianism tear our democracy apart

Chris Sloggett says the major parties in the current election campaign are indulging Britain's division into religious... Read More »


We should expect the religious to follow the same laws as everyone else

In response to a targeted criticism of the NSS for campaigning to end non-stun slaughter, Chris Sloggett says the... Read More »

Ballot box

Election 2019: pledges that should be in the parties’ manifestos

As the UK's political parties consider their manifestos for the upcoming election, NSS chief executive Stephen Evans... Read More »


The Catholic Church’s snub to the child abuse inquiry speaks volumes

The Holy See's refusal to fully assist the UK's sexual abuse inquiry reveals unchangeable deficiencies within the... Read More »

By the Grace of God

'By the Grace of God' shows the need to hold the Catholic Church accountable on child abuse

Keith Porteous Wood says a film highlighting the struggle to bring a senior Catholic cardinal to account for covering... Read More »

School sign

Education in NI shouldn’t be a tug of war between religious interests

A report has called into question religious control over the curriculum and ethos of Northern Irish schools. Alastair... Read More »

Church & state

Time to stop pretending we have a ‘national church’

As affiliation to Anglicanism continues its rapid decline the Church of England's privileges are increasingly unsustainable,... Read More »

Department for Education

Anti-RSE campaigns: guidance is welcome, but schools need more support

The government has published new guidance for schools facing disruption from religious groups who oppose LGBT-inclusive... Read More »

Secularism is a feminist issue badges

Secularism is a feminist issue

Ahead of the FiLiA 2019 conference this weekend, Megan Manson argues that secularism is a crucial ingredient in campaigns... Read More »

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