We campaign for an inclusive and secular education system – one which equally respects the rights and freedoms of pupils of all backgrounds. From faith schools to compulsory worship, education is where a lack of secularism impinges most on the lives of British citizens.

We don't think schools should be organised around religious identities or used to promote religious worldviews. A third of English and Welsh schools are faith schools. Scottish and Northern Irish schools are still divided on sectarian lines, and religion is still deeply ingrained across the UK's education systems. Academies and 'free schools' have only increased the opportunities for religious groups to gain control of schools.

Our secular approach to education would see faith schools phased out and compulsory worship abolished to ensure that all publicly funded schools are equally welcoming to all children, regardless of their religious or nonreligious backgrounds.

We now have a dedicated campaign page for inclusive education: NoMoreFaithSchools.org

Parents, pupils, and teachers: need advice?

Education is an area where religious privilege intrudes on many people's rights. A lot of our casework is responding to people who need advice. In addition to the information on our campaigns pages, please feel free to:

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