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Secularism and the safeguarding of liberal values

Stephen Evans highlights the myriad threats to secular liberalism and sets out what's needed to preserve it ahead of the NSS's upcoming conference on protecting liberal values. Read More »

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Starmer must bring our diverse but divided people together

Megan Manson says the election revealed the threats faith-based politics poses to community cohesion, and calls for the new Prime Minister to counter rising sectarianism. Read More »

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Bishops shouldn’t have a role in the Isle of Man’s parliament

Muriel Garland explains why she supports removing bishop's vote in Tynwald's upper chamber. Read More »

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What do parties in NI, Scotland & Wales have to offer secularists?

Megan Manson examines what Alliance, DUP, Sinn Féin, SDLP, ALBA, SNP and Plaid Cymru think about secularist issues. Read More »


What secularists want from the next UK Government

Stephen Evans says the next Government should support inclusive education, uphold free expression and make progress towards a secular democracy. Read More »

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How will secularism fare after the election?

Megan Manson summarises the policies of the main nationwide players in the General Election 2024 and where they stand on secularist issues. Read More »

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The next government must legislate to protect children from abuse in religious settings

Abuse law expert Richard Scorer explains why the government's proposed 'mandatory reporting' law was anything but – and calls on the next government to do better to protect children from abusers. Read More »

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Mandatory Christian worship has no place in modern education

Most senior school leaders don't support the law which requires daily acts of collective worship in school. The next government needs to consider how schools can better promote social cohesion, says Stephen Evans. Read More »

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Ritual circumcision cannot be reconciled with child rights

Following the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy earlier this month, Dr Alejandro Sanchez notes that while child rights continue to progress, boys at risk of non-therapeutic circumcision are being left behind. Read More »

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Scrapping admissions cap signals alarming lurch towards religious privilege

The decision to scrap the 50% cap on faith-based admissions at free schools is a symptom of growing deference to religious privilege across the political spectrum, warns Stephen Evans. Read More »

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We must stop ignoring the elephant in the (religious) court room

As the issue of religious 'courts' is debated in UK media, Helen Nicholls says we must not be afraid to point out how these institutions threaten women's rights. Read More »

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We must empower secular schools to assert their ethos

When Islamists tried to bully Michaela Community School, the school refused to back down. Other schools have not been so successful in challenging religious intimidation. Megan Manson explores what made Michaela different. Read More »

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Allowing more religious selection in schools would be a big mistake

Abandoning the 50% admission cap would exacerbate the discrimination, disadvantage and division inherent with faith schools, argues Stephen Evans. Read More »

Three years on, the lessons of Batley are yet to be learned

Three years on, the lessons of Batley are yet to be learned

The Batley affair exposed the Islamist threat to UK schools. We're still yet to come to terms with its implications, says Jack Rivington. Read More »


A state Church is no bulwark against extremism – but secularism is

With its commitment to the separation of religion and state and safeguarding the rights of all individuals, secularism can provide an effective defence against the spread of extremism, says Stephen Evans. Read More »

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We can’t allow extremists to make the truth taboo

If accusations of Islamophobia can be used to silence criticism of Hamas, the UK is in a very dangerous place, argues Stephen Evans. Read More »

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We must stop giving public funds to religious colleges which restrict academic freedom

Many religious higher education providers are shirking their duty to uphold freedom of expression and academic freedom. Christopher Higgins and Keith Sharpe say it's time to stop funding these institutions. Read More »

Michaela shows the need to end collective worship laws

Michaela shows the need to end collective worship laws

The Michaela case demonstrates why we need a change in law to enable schools to promote a secular, inclusive ethos, says Megan Manson. Read More »

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Ritual slaughter: is the government about to renege on its commitment to consult?

Stephen Evans criticises the government's U-turn on animal welfare and says food labelling policy should serve consumers rather than religious interests. Read More »

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Time to bring policies on religion in line with public opinion

As yet another study confirms Brits aren't keen on religion, Megan Manson says politicians should reflect public opinion by reeling in religious privilege. Read More »

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Religion should not be a roadblock to child safeguarding in healthcare

A new paper highlights barriers to reforming guidance on non-therapeutic circumcision. The author, Dr Antony Lempert, explains why religion is one of the biggest barriers of all. Read More »

The universality of human rights needs defending

The universality of human rights needs defending

Seventy-five years on from the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its promise of freedom and equality remains a distant dream for those living under religious rule, says Stephen Evans. Read More »

The time to disestablish the Church of England has come

The time to disestablish the Church of England has come

Lib Dem peer Paul Scriven explains why he has introduced a bill in parliament to separate Church and state. Read More »

Separate church and state

Time for Church and state to part ways

Separating church and state would signal a forward-looking Britain committed to equality, inclusivity and freedom of religion or belief. National Secular Society CEO Stephen Evans explains why the NSS is backing a bill to disestablish the Church of England. Read More »

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