From the NSS's protest against scrapping the 50% cap at the Houses of Parliament in 2018 in

NSS urges government to keep cap on faith-based admissions

Community cohesion and rights of children must come before religious interests, NSS tells schools minister Read More »

Junaid Dar, Hounslow Muslim Centre (Hayaa Foundation) YouTube

NSS refers 40+ Islamic charities to regulator over extremism fears

"Torrent" of antisemitic and anti-western sermons triggered by Israel-Hamas conflict Read More »

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Unregistered school investigations nearly double in one year

Ofsted annual report also finds Religious Education in schools "not fit for purpose" Read More »

Home Church Scotland, YouTube

Religious charity: Humza Yousaf’s victory was “a scheme of Satan”

Pastor claimed Humza Yousaf and Rishi Sunak "need Jesus" Read More »

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NSS tells Scottish Government to keep religious dogma out of sex ed

NSS: provisions in new guidance on sex education leaves door open for religious ideology, risking children's wellbeing. Read More »

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Islamophobia definitions threaten free speech at 20+ universities

21 universities have adopted definition of Islamophobia rejected by government amid free speech concerns. Read More »

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NSS: Don’t let NI faith schools fail pupils on reproductive rights

Requirement for RSE to reflect "religious principles" conflicts with neutral lessons on reproductive health in NI schools, NSS says. Read More »

Image by Mary_R_Smith from Pixabay

Bill to separate Church from state to be introduced in parliament

Private members' bill to disestablish the Church of England selected in ballot. Read More »

Petra, Pixabay

Wales Green Party drops pledge to ban non-stun slaughter

Members vote to monitor slaughter "without prejudice towards minority religious and cultural groups". Read More »

Virtual-Pano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

New bid made to remove bishop’s vote in Isle of Man parliament

House of Keys member behind bill says bishop should "go and get elected like the rest of us". Read More »

NSS joins campaigners calling for investigation of extremist charity sermons

NSS joins campaigners calling for investigation of extremist charity sermons

Nine organisations call for action in open letter saying charities are promoting antisemitism and glorifying terrorism. Read More »

Annie Besant and Charles Bradlaugh

NSS “baffled” by anti-abortion protest against history talk

Christian group warns it will "actively" engage attendees of NSS talk on Victorian birth control – which aimed to reduce abortion. Read More »

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NSS: Women in Jersey should have same access to abortion as Brits

Abortion in Jersey is expensive and usually only available up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Read More »

truthseeker08, Pixabay

Assisted dying on track to be legalised in Isle of Man

Access to assisted dying could become available as soon as 2025. Read More »

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Beware religious threats to free speech, NSS warns UN rapporteur

Attempts to impose de facto blasphemy laws must be resisted, says NSS. Read More »

NSS urges Scottish council to end voting powers for religious reps

NSS urges Scottish council to end voting powers for religious reps

Religious reps "undemocratic, unrepresentative and unjustified", NSS tells East Lothian Council Read More »

I T S, Shutterstock

Counter-extremism lead: blasphemy codes are chilling free speech

Cleric on 2023 UK speaking tour advocates decapitation for 'blasphemers' Read More », Shutterstock

Make integrated schools the norm, NSS tells NI executive

NSS urges more support for schools where children from all religion and belief backgrounds are educated together. Read More »

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Keep doctors out of exorcisms, NSS warns medical regulator

Church of England guidance updated this year permits exorcism of children under 16. Read More »

Diocese of Guildford YouTube account

Success: School resists CofE evangelism following NSS concerns

Nonreligious school says it will 'decline' to join Church of England's "Youth Catalyst Project". Read More »


School “misleading” parents on plan to join CofE academy trust

Primary school fails to tell parents academy trust is run by Church of England and all its schools are faith schools. Read More »

2023 Bradlaugh Lecture: “Let’s talk to each other”

2023 Bradlaugh Lecture: “Let’s talk to each other”

Nicky Campbell delivers impassioned defence of free expression and robust public debate Read More »

Dr Scott

Tribunal: Teen “traumatised” after told by GP to apologise to God

Dr Richard Scott clasped suicidal patient's hands in prayer, "insisted" on giving him a bible three times, tribunal hears Read More »

patat, Shutterstock

Faith primary schools admit fewer SEND children, research finds

Study: CofE and Catholic primaries less likely than community schools to admit children with special educational needs and disabilities Read More »

NSS refers religious charity to regulator over extremism concerns

NSS refers religious charity to regulator over extremism concerns

Sermons at Islamic Centre Leicester suggest those who use 'blasphemous' phrase should be executed and Jews fear punishment from Allah Read More »

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