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Council and school cut ties with evangelical PSHE group

Salford City Council and Ellesmere Park High School end partnership with the Message Trust following complaints from parents. Read More »


Don’t merge secular school into faith school, NSS urges council

Plans to merge nonreligious school into Church of England school would "significantly diminish parents' choice", says NSS. Read More »

Report: CofE safeguarding “below standards” of secular institutions

Report: CofE safeguarding “below standards” of secular institutions

Most victims and survivors unsatisfied with safeguarding approaches, while safeguarding 'weaponised' to remove those "seen as a nuisance", report finds. Read More »

NSS to host talk with author of ‘Dirty, Filthy Book’

NSS to host talk with author of ‘Dirty, Filthy Book’

Author Michael Meyer to discuss new book on leading NSS figure Annie Besant at free online event. Read More »

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NSS raises concerns with charity watchdog over misogynistic sermon

NSS warns regulator of Christian charity's sermon which claims "a husband is the head of his wife". Read More »

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Regulator to investigate GP who led proscribed Islamist group

Following NSS intervention, medical regulator says there are "potential fitness to practice concerns" over GP who led Islamist group. Read More »

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Don’t undermine secular nature of Remembrance, NSS urges government

Efforts to make remembrance resemble a religious service should be rejected, NSS says. Read More »

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Faith school banning parts of geography lessons, Ofsted finds

Ofsted finds faith school prohibiting parts of lessons it judges incompatible with its religious beliefs. Read More »

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NSS backs plan to decouple school spring break from Easter in Wales

NSS says it is "increasingly anachronistic" to structure school holidays around Easter when less than half the population is Christian. Read More »

Protect human rights from religious imposition, NSS urges UN

Protect human rights from religious imposition, NSS urges UN

NSS tells UN Human Rights Committee religious privilege is undermining rights in education, healthcare and around free speech. Read More »

End prayers in House of Commons, NSS urges Speaker

End prayers in House of Commons, NSS urges Speaker

Speaker should use his position to end symbolic Church of England privilege in Parliament, NSS says. Read More »

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BBC Bitesize ‘normalising’ hijab for young girls, NSS warns

Following complaint, BBC says image of primary school age girl wearing hijab in educational resource will "remain unchanged". Read More »

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Resist calls for £50m a year for churches, NSS urges minister

Churches trust also calls for churches to host NHS services. Read More »

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Remove religious barriers to inclusion in NI schools, paper says

"Little change" in school religious composition for over two decades, research finds Read More »

“Covid-19 scam” Christian charity closed by regulator

“Covid-19 scam” Christian charity closed by regulator

Kingdom Church shut down after NSS raises concerns about 'plague protection kits' sold during pandemic. Read More »

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NSS cautions DfE over “minimising” problem of unregistered schools

NSS says guidance should make clear that unregistered schools are "never suitable" and "never safe". Read More »

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GP who leads proscribed Islamist group suspended by NHS

NSS urges General Medical Council to consider whether Dr Wahid Shaida is fit to practice. Read More »

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Peer calls for more secular democracy in RE debate

Lord Warner challenges prayers in parliament and schools, bishops' bench, and faith schools. Read More »

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Hindu group threatens secularists with police over “offensive” talk

Hindu charity told Leicester Secular Society it would report talk on caste to local Hindu community and police. Read More »

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Lives “endangered” at school which restricted prayer rituals

NSS calls for government action after school subjected to death threats and bomb scares. Read More »

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NSS highlights religious barriers to inclusive education in NI

NSS response to inquiry calls for more integrated schools and more secular education system in Northern Ireland. Read More »

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Labour announces plan for register of children not in school

Proposal to record children not attending school would help tackle unregistered faith schools, NSS says. Read More »

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Faith schools “most socially selective”, report finds

Faith schools admit disproportionately fewer pupils on free school meals, says Sutton Trust. Read More »


NSS to hold event on tackling abuse in religious communities

Safeguarding experts in panel discussion in Manchester this March. Read More »

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Faith schools’ admissions criteria found in breach of regulations

Schools highlighted by the National Secular Society for coercive and controlling behaviour found to be non-compliant with regulations. Read More »

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