Beware the government’s “new normal” of faith-based public services

Beware the government’s “new normal” of faith-based public services

A new government fund exclusively for faith groups threatens to embed religious privilege into public services, warns... Read More »

Schools should be liberated from the compulsion of worship

Schools should be liberated from the compulsion of worship

As a bill to reform collective worship progresses in parliament, Stephen Evans argues that the time has come for lawmakers... Read More »

Major reform is needed to ensure equality and fairness in marriage law

Major reform is needed to ensure equality and fairness in marriage law

Marriage law in England and Wales has failed to keep up with changing social realities. Russell Sandberg, the author... Read More »

Why can’t charity regulators tackle child abuse in faith groups?

Why can’t charity regulators tackle child abuse in faith groups?

An inquiry's report has highlighted the barriers which regulators face in dealing with child abuse in religious charities.... Read More »

Baitul Futuh mosque

Indonesia mosque attack is a reminder that Ahmadi Muslims’ human rights need defending

After a mob attacked an Ahmadi Muslim mosque in Indonesia and anti-Ahmadi rallies took place in Pakistan, Kunwar Khuldune... Read More »

Upset girl

Fundamentalists are still being given too much of a free pass on child abuse

The IICSA inquiry's latest report on child abuse in religious organisations and settings provides welcome evidence... Read More »

Charles Bradlaugh in parliament

Charles Bradlaugh’s legacy is well worth celebrating

Bob Forder reflects on the key achievements of the NSS's founder, ahead of the restoration of his grave.

The funeral... Read More »

Jehovah's Witnesses hall

The child abuse inquiry has been too deferential to the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Next week the IICSA inquiry will publish a report into the Jehovah's Witnesses. This can only be damning. But the... Read More »

Girl at school gates

Locked in and locked out: how faith schools restrict families’ choices

State funding of faith schools means many families are left without suitable schools. The narrative that faith schools... Read More »

Afghan Taliban spokesman

The Taliban takeover is part of a wider threat to secular liberal democracy

Stephen Evans argues that secular liberal democracy is the antidote to the totalitarian Islamism offered up by the... Read More »

Children in class

It's time to move on from religious education

RE has become a subject in search of a purpose. There are better approaches to learning about the diversity of beliefs,... Read More »

Michael Higgins

Heads of state shouldn’t have to swear religious oaths

A challenge to Ireland's religious presidential oath should be supported – and prompt questions across the Irish... Read More »

Alan Griffin

The C of E has serious questions to answer over the death of a gay priest

A coroner's report has laid bare the Church of England's cruel and scandalous handling of the case of Alan Griffin,... Read More »

Schools aren’t there to save the church

Schools aren’t there to save the church

The Church of England's new evangelical missional strategy should lead us to question its entitlement to proselytise... Read More »

Children in class

Will the government protect the ethos of secular schools?

The Department for Education's protections for the secular community ethos of non-faith academies are inadequate.... Read More »

Woman in niqab Afghanistan

Defending Muslim women’s rights requires a willingness to criticise Islam

Islamic scripture is being used to justify attacks on women's rights in many countries. Secular law is a crucial defence... Read More »

Holding hands over Bible

Helping the public shouldn’t mean pushing religion on people

A parliamentary group has removed provisions in its 'faith covenant' that prevent faith groups from proselytising... Read More »

Naz Shah MP

Naz Shah’s argument on blasphemy should be rejected

The Labour MP has effectively called for a blasphemy law as she highlighted the "emotional harm" caused by depictions... Read More »

Children in class

Schools must be supported against religious bullies

Comments from Ofsted's chief inspector highlight the need to help schools resist efforts to shut down teaching which... Read More »

FE college

The Church of England’s offensive in FE colleges must be resisted

This piece was originally published in FE Week and is republished here with kind permission.

C of E proposals to increase... Read More »

Welcome to Batley

The ugly Batley and Spen campaign showed the risks of indulging religious identity politics

Voters and politicians who value social cohesion and basic democratic principles should reject the trend of pandering... Read More »

Toddler feet

All children should have the right to refuse circumcision

A judge has ruled that a boy who was taken into care shouldn't be subjected to non-consensual, non-therapeutic genital... Read More »

Daughter comforts ill mother

Evidence and compassion should trump dogma in assisted dying debate

As politicians again grapple with assisted dying, we should beware attempts to impose a religious worldview on those... Read More »

St Mary's University Twickenham

The expansion of Catholic influence at St Mary’s University threatens academic freedom

A pro-vice chancellor's remarks suggest the governance of St Mary's University, Twickenham is heading in an inappropriate... Read More »

Woman wearing trousers

Charity law shouldn’t enable misogyny

A Christian organisation which pushes misogynistic messages, including by blaming women for rape, has registered as... Read More »

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