Author: Stephen Evans

Hand on Bible

Why make a spectacle out of religion in the courtroom?

Stephen Evans argues that the current system of religious oaths and affirmations should be replaced by a universal... Read More »


We must protect pupils’ educational rights where schools consistently fail

Religious schools that censor textbooks, teach creationism and limit pupils' chances aren't respecting the right to... Read More »

Church open sign

Places of worship shouldn’t reopen prematurely

As a group of religious leaders threatens legal action over the closure of places of worship during the coronavirus... Read More »


Will Wales lead the way in reforming Religious Education?

The Welsh government's plans to reform RE risk being a missed opportunity for more radical reform of the way we approach... Read More »

Elizabeth I

Why respect religious demands to keep pupils in the dark?

After a select committee chair urged more leeway for a faith school which has long censored textbooks, Stephen Evans... Read More »

Bishops' bench

The bishops’ bench is an affront to democracy. Let’s scrap it

A new bill proposes to end Church of England bishops' automatic right to sit in parliament. This religious privilege... Read More »

Collective worship

Promote religious freedom in schools: abolish the worship requirement

A private member's bill to replace compulsory worship with inclusive assemblies should prompt the government to reform... Read More »

Sex education

Don’t let controlling ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups undermine sex education

Sex education empowers young people. The government must stand up to those making faux religious freedom arguments... Read More »

Dr Scott

Medical regulators shouldn’t let doctors push religion on patients

The General Medical Council has decided not to pursue a case against a GP who was accused of pushing religion on a... Read More »

Faith school signs

Why the blind spot when it comes to faith schools?

Politicians need to end their fetishisation of faith schools and face the fact that a religiously divided education... Read More »

Ballot box

Election 2019: pledges that should be in the parties’ manifestos

As the UK's political parties consider their manifestos for the upcoming election, NSS chief executive Stephen Evans... Read More »


The Catholic Church’s snub to the child abuse inquiry speaks volumes

The Holy See's refusal to fully assist the UK's sexual abuse inquiry reveals unchangeable deficiencies within the... Read More »

Church & state

Time to stop pretending we have a ‘national church’

As affiliation to Anglicanism continues its rapid decline the Church of England's privileges are increasingly unsustainable,... Read More »

Defend free speech

Islam, like any other religion, must be fair game for criticism

The disqualification of a GCSE student who criticised halal meat is a reminder of the need to resist censorious offence-taking... Read More »

Nick Bourne

The ‘minister for faith’ shouldn’t be replaced

After the minister for faith's resignation, Stephen Evans says this unnecessary role enables the government to promote... Read More »

Council meeting

Prayers aren't appropriate in the public realm

As Brighton's new mayor comes under fire for abolishing prayers at council meetings, Stephen Evans argues that Britain's... Read More »

Sexual freedom and secularism have always gone hand in hand

Sexual freedom and secularism have always gone hand in hand

Stephen Evans says religious concerns weren't a good reason to restrict understanding of birth control in Victorian... Read More »

Nurse and patient

Praying on the vulnerable

A ruling that a nurse was not wrongly dismissed for repeatedly evangelising was unsurprising, says Stephen Evans.... Read More »

Theresa May speech

Britain needs to stand up for everyone’s religious freedom

The appalling attacks in Sri Lanka again highlight the growing global persecution of Christians. But there should... Read More »

Religion and public benefit – why it’s time to rethink charity law

Religion and public benefit – why it’s time to rethink charity law

The NSS's latest report calls for 'the advancement of religion' to be removed as a charitable purpose. Stephen Evans... Read More »

Doctor and patient

Religious dogma still clouds assisted dying debate

As the Royal College of Physicians consults its members over assisted dying, Stephen Evans says we should be aware... Read More »


Institutionalised prayer doesn't belong in parliament

As MPs launch a motion against parliamentary prayers, NSS CEO Stephen Evans says ending the anachronistic custom would... Read More »

Students should be free to excuse themselves from worship

Students should be free to excuse themselves from worship

After two students pushed the Welsh government for a response to a petition to remove schools' obligation to hold... Read More »

European ruling that ‘religious feelings’ trump free speech is a dangerous development

European ruling that ‘religious feelings’ trump free speech is a dangerous development

Just as Irish citizens strike a blow for the right to freedom of expression, the European Court has fundamentally... Read More »

The questionable ethics of evangelical debt advice

The questionable ethics of evangelical debt advice

The good deeds of faith-based organisations shouldn't lead us to turn a blind eye to their more ethically dubious... Read More »