Author: Megan Manson

Any serious counter-extremism strategy should consider religious charities

Any serious counter-extremism strategy should consider religious charities

As a commission calls for action to tackle hateful extremism, Megan Manson says changes in the charity sector –... Read More »

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Faith-based school admissions pave the way for sexist and unreasonable demands. It’s time to end them

An adjudicator's ruling has exposed the outrageous requirements a state-funded faith school places on pupils and their... Read More »

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Religious censorship is about ownership

Theocratic demands for censorship in India and Pakistan reflect attempts to grab power which undermine everyone's... Read More »

Religious conversion

Religious conversion isn’t a charitable endeavour

Some registered charities exist primarily to convert members of one religion to another. Megan Manson says such activity... Read More »

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Allowing religious discrimination in school admissions opens the door to other forms of discrimination

A state-funded faith school recently rejected a child because her mother isn't Jewish. This shows the absurdity of... Read More »

Pope Francis

Human rights should not be at the mercy of the pope’s pontifications

Amid widespread interest in the pope's views on same-sex civil unions, Megan Manson says states shouldn't allow themselves... Read More »

Islamic marriage

Problems around Islamic marriage require a secular solution

A new report says compulsory registration for Islamic marriages is needed to tackle discrimination and abuse. Megan... Read More »

Children at school

Our schools should promote social cohesion – so educate children together

As research shows social integration is key to fostering positive attitudes toward people of different religions and... Read More »


We all need the freedom to offend – including the most marginalised

Scotland's new hate crime bill could easily be weaponised to silence any speech deemed offensive. This will disempower,... Read More »

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Let’s scrap discriminatory faith-based school admissions for good

In the UK, whatever happens to religious institutions is likely to have a knock-on effect on the state somewhere.... Read More »

It’s time for one marriage law for all

It’s time for one marriage law for all

A new High Court challenge to get humanist marriages legally recognised in England and Wales gives us an opportunity... Read More »

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Why can't Ofsted stop state schools preaching that same-sex relationships are wrong?

As the government considers ways to end 'gay conversion therapy' it should give Ofsted the power to stop faith schools... Read More »

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor marriage shouldn't be restricted on religious grounds

The government is reportedly planning to allow couples to marry outdoors as we emerge from lockdown. This is a chance... Read More »

Discrimination, inconvenience, unfairness: The harm caused by faith school admissions

Discrimination, inconvenience, unfairness: The harm caused by faith school admissions

When parents in England have an unresolved complaint about their local council, they can approach the local government... Read More »

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Scotland says it wants to clamp down on hate. But its charity law helps to promote it

The Scottish government has published a bill that threatens to outlaw the expression of hateful ideas. But meanwhile... Read More »

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How charity law props up ‘gay conversion therapy’

As the NSS challenges the status of a Christian charity which pushes "change oriented therapy" for gay people, Megan... Read More »

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Charity and homophobia shouldn’t mix

The proliferation of religious charities openly expressing anti-LGBT views should prompt us to rethink religion's... Read More »

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Charities can’t sell snake oil. Or can they?

If we want to protect vulnerable people from being duped into buying 'miracle cures' from religious charities we should... Read More »


Most Brits don’t pray. It’s time for our institutions to stop imposing worship

As figures show most people in Britain never pray, Megan Manson says institutionalised prayer has no place in our... Read More »

Faith schools can never be truly inclusive

Faith schools can never be truly inclusive

By their very nature, faith schools are discriminatory, exclusionary and divisive. It therefore makes me frustrated... Read More »

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Faith groups should practice without preaching when helping the vulnerable

As a report shows some religious groups are helping survivors of modern slavery without proselytising, Megan Manson... Read More »

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Our MPs now subscribe to many religious beliefs and none – it’s time to scrap parliamentary prayers

A religiously diverse new intake of MPs should prompt the removal of parliamentary prayers and the Church of England's... Read More »

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Election 2019: Secularism and the parties of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Megan Manson continues our election analysis of parties' policies on secularist issues. This time she examines the... Read More »

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Election 2019: Where do the major parties stand on secularist issues?

Megan Manson studies the election manifestos for the main UK-wide parties – and says religion will continue... Read More »

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Most new faith based charities do nothing but promote religion. Time to reform charity law

An Islamic organisation which condones extremist messages was among charities which registered on questionable grounds... Read More »