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Newsline 3 March 2017

After a long-running campaign and much delay the Government has finally put Sex and Relationships Education on a statutory footing.

But it's only a half-victory. Regrettably the Government has said SRE teaching must be "sensitive" to the "needs of the local community". They have also said that "faith schools will continue to be able to teach in accordance with the tenets of their faith."

This means there will be an SRE lottery, and, clearly, children who are born into conservative religious communities will continue to be left behind. It is at least a partial success for the campaign.

There are however many other achievements and campaign successes to celebrate from the past year. So we're looking forward to Secularist of the Year on Saturday 18th March! Some along and join us in celebrating those who have given so much to the secularist movement.

Britain’s ‘Christian right’: seeking solace in a narrative of discrimination

Britain’s ‘Christian right’: seeking solace in a narrative of discrimination

Opinion | Thu, 02 Mar 2017

The 'Christian right' in the UK may not be anywhere near as powerful as its US counterpart, but it still tries to exert influence on public policy, writes Steven Kettell.

An odd blasphemy case: secular Denmark is using a sledgehammer to protect the sacred

An odd blasphemy case: secular Denmark is using a sledgehammer to protect the sacred

Denmark is one of the least religious countries in the world; a poll has found that barely one in five Danes considers faith to be a really important factor in daily life. Yet it looks as though Denmark may be one of the very few countries in the Western world where a blasphemy law is in active use.

NSS Speaks Out

The Society's concerns about flaws in the Government's sex and relationships education proposals were reported in the Guardian.

On Sunday our executive director Keith Porteous Wood spoke on LBC about plans to open Christian faith school in Muslim-majority areas.

Our vice president Alistair McBay had a letter in the Scotsman on Lewis council's ongoing refusal to open a sports centre on the Sabbath. This story was also reported in the Herald.

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