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Newsline 2 December 2016

We're already seeing some nonsense stories in the press about the mythical 'ban' on Christmas - and false claims from some that Christians are 'afraid' to express their views (despite what the Church's own research about this says). Worryingly the Prime Minister seemed to accept much of this when asked about it at Prime Minister's Questions this week, underlining the need for a strong, secular voice.

This is all part of an effort to retain old Christian privileges that disenfranchise and discriminate against so many, and to allow religious discrimination in businesses and workplaces – particularly against gay people. This has kept us busy in the media this week making sure a reasonable, secular argument is heard, putting across a common sense perspective and defending equality for all – your donations make this possible.

We are very pleased to welcome a major report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission today, which has rejected calls for a so-called 'conscience clause' which would have opened the door to discrimination in the workplace – protecting equality for all, in a blow to those Christian pressure groups that claim Christians face persecution in the UK.

If you're not a member already, and you want to support secularism in the UK you can join us today. This week we're supporting a campaign in Scotland to open a swimming pool on Sundays after the council refused to open it on the Sabbath. If you want to do your bit to challenge religious privilege, you can make a donation to stop sabbatarians forcing their fundamentalist views on an entire community.

NSS Speaks Out

It has been a busy week for us, and we've been quoted on Theresa May's comments on faith, and the relationship between politics and religion in the Independent, Times, National¸ a Dutch newspaper and we spoke to Sky News, BBC 5 Live, BBC Oxford, BBC Kent, and Talk Radio. We were also quoted in Schools Week on faith schools and segregation, and our concern about 'Extremism Disruption Orders' was mentioned by Jewish News.

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