End evangelism in schools

End evangelism in schools

We challenge inappropriate evangelism and proselytization by external groups in schools.

Our schools are being targeted and exploited by evangelical groups as part of their missionary work.

We help parents challenge these attempts at indoctrination.

The legal obligation on all state schools to provide a daily act of worship provides a foot in the door to organisations with evangelistic intentions.

The ambiguity about the specific aims and purpose of religious education, and its low status in schools, also creates an ideal environment for evangelical groups to exploit.

  • In our survey of 300 schools, only 16% of schools had a policy or policies concerning the partisan promotion of religious or political beliefs by external speakers.
  • No policies of schools surveyed requires parents to be informed of visitors in advance, and no policies clearly prohibited religious proselytising.

Schools which invite external evangelists may have good intentions, but are often unaware of the group's agenda and unprepared to set appropriate boundaries. Our research has found only a minority of schools have adequate policies in place to ensure inappropriate evangelism doesn't take place. Meanwhile, parents are too often not informed of the visits of the backgrounds of evangelical groups.

External groups can make a valuable educational contribution to schools. With the right boundaries in place, staff and parents can be assured of no inappropriate proselytising.

Take action!

1. Challenge inappropriate evangelism in your school

Is evangelism happening at your school? Read our guide to challenging proselytisation.

2. Write to your MP

Ask your MP to support a code of practice so external groups can contribution to schools without evangelism or proselytization.

3. Share your story

Tell us why you support this campaign, and how you are personally affected by the issue. You can also let us know if you would like assistance with a particular issue.

4. Join us

Become a member of the National Secular Society today! Together, we can separate religion and state for greater freedom and fairness.

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