Writing to your elected representatives.

On this page you will find template and blank letters for writing to your MPs (UK-wide, English and English & Welsh policies), MSs (Welsh devolved policies), MLAs (Northern Irish devolved policies) and MSPs (Scottish devolved policies). Each letter has advice on personalising your response.

The more specific detail and experience you can provide, the greater the impact is likely to be. It's important to let representatives know that their constituents care about these issues. Once you've sent you letter (in accordance with our privacy policy) you'll receive a confirmation email on how best to follow up.

Letters to MPs

Select a letter to find out more about the issue and then enter your post code to create and send a signed version to your local member of parliament.

Writing to your MP or local representative?

Issues where secularists have concerns are often in devolved policy areas (e.g. education or healthcare), so you may prefer to use the specific template letters for your AM (Wales), MLA (Northern Ireland) or MSP (Scotland). However, it can still be worth raising these issues with your MP.

  • MPs still take up casework issues even if it is a devolved matter.
  • MPs are still important figures in their respective parties and play a role in forming/influencing party policy on devolved issues.
  • Devolved issues are often affected by many non-devolved policy areas such as equalities legislation.

Equally you may not want to neglect your local authority representatives.