Write to your representatives

Write to your representatives

Lobby your MP (MS, MLA or MSP) on secular issues using these template letters. Select the letter you want and enter your postcode .

Writing to your elected representatives.

On this page you will find template and blank letters for writing to your MPs (UK-wide, English and English & Welsh policies), MSs (Welsh devolved policies), MLAs (Northern Irish devolved policies) and MSPs (Scottish devolved policies). Each letter has advice on personalising your response.

The more specific detail and experience you can provide, the greater the impact is likely to be. It's important to let representatives know that their constituents care about these issues. Once you've sent you letter (in accordance with our privacy policy) you'll receive a confirmation email on how best to follow up.

Write to your MP (blank template)

A letter to your MP can be an opportunity to lobby them on secular issues or get support with an issue you are facing e.g. being forced into a faith school or discrimination because of your religion or belief.

  • MPs are very busy, you should keep your letter short and focused. Remember to be polite.
  • MPs are more likely to take seriously issues they think affect lots of their constituents.
  • Be clear about what you want your MP to do (support your campaign, raise your case with/write to an appropriate organisation, ask a question in Parliament, support legislation etc.)
  • If you have time, research your MP. Think about how best to frame your issue/argument for them.
  • Don't be discouraged if you get a formulaic or dismissive response. Given how many letters MPs get, this is to be expected. A follow up letter will have more impact as MPs get less of these and they are likely to get a more personal reply.
  • Offer to follow up/send more information.
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Letters to MPs

Select a letter to find out more about the issue and then enter your post code to create and send a signed version to your local member of parliament.