Ep 57: Secularism around the world: Hungary

Posted: Tue, 21st Sep 2021

Gáspár Békés

How far has Viktor Orbán's illiberal Christian regime undermined secularism in Hungary?

As part of our 'secularism around the world' series, this episode is about secularism in Hungary and the challenges it faces from Orbán's government. Emma Park is joined by Gáspár Békés, a secularist campaigner, youth rights activist and secretary of the Hungarian Atheist Society. Gáspár was recently dismissed from his job in the Mayor's Office of the Budapest City Hall for publishing articles critical of Christian practices, after a targeted campaign by Christian right-wing extremists.

Gáspár explains why church and state are so closely intertwined in modern Hungary, and how Orbán has relied on illiberal Christian values to clamp down on LGBT and reproductive rights. He also discusses the problems with Hungary's faith schools, and the reasons for the Catholic Church's continuing involvement in child protection services, despite abuse scandals.

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How far has Viktor Orban's illiberal Christian regime undermined secularism in Hungary? @DrEmmaPark interviews secularist campaigner Gaspar Bekes.
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