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US secularist groups condemn travel ban which targets Muslims

Posted: Fri, 29 Jun 2018

Secularist and atheist groups have lined up to condemn a US Supreme Court decision upholding a travel ban which targets Muslims. Read More »

US Supreme Court ruling a 'blow to country’s fundamental principle of church-state separation'

Posted: Thu, 29 Jun 2017

A religious liberty advocacy group in the US has warned that a Supreme Court ruling that the state of Missouri must extend a playground fund to religious organisations could "open the door to more taxpayer support for religion". Read More »

Washington Supreme Court: Religious beliefs no excuse for a business to discriminate

Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2017

The Supreme Court of the state of Washington has unanimously ruled that a florist cannot discriminate against same-sex couples, in a ruling welcomed by American secularists. Read More »

Kentucky clerk acting under “God’s authority” in defying court over gay marriage

Posted: Wed, 02 Sep 2015

A county clerk in Kentucky has persisted in denying same-sex couples marriage licenses, in open defiance of a federal court order. Read More »

Supreme Court legalises same-sex marriage across USA

Posted: Fri, 26 Jun 2015

In an historic case the US Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that same-sex couples have a legal right to marriage. Read More »

“Sodomite Suppression Act” proposed by US Christian lawyer

Posted: Thu, 26 Mar 2015

A California lawyer has proposed a "Sodomite Suppression Act" and warned of "God's just wrath" should the state of California not put homosexuals to death. Read More »

US Catholics bishops condemned for trying to impose their dogmas through law

Posted: Thu, 04 Jul 2013

An open letter issued by the American Catholic Bishops Conference which seeks legal restrictions on abortion and contraception has been condemned as "Orwellian" by the Catholics for Choice organisation. Read More »

More Americans think religion is losing its influence

Posted: Thu, 30 May 2013

Over three-quarters of Americans (77%) say religion is losing its influence on American life, while 20% say religion's influence is increasing. These represent Americans' most negative evaluations of the impact of religion since 1970, although similar to the views measured in recent years. Read More »

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