NSS launches secular chocolate egg

Posted: Sun, 01 Apr 2018

NSS launches secular chocolate egg

The National Secular Society has launched a chocolate egg symbolising the disestablishment of the Church of England to counter growing confectionery-based proselytisation.

The NSS manufactured the Separating Church and State Egg in the build-up to the double bank holiday weekend. The egg is made up of one half which says 'Church' and another which says 'State'.

It is accompanied by a leaflet containing the NSS's secular charter and a miniaturised copy of its latest report, The Case for Disestablishment. Those who buy the eggs can go through the symbolic experience of separating church and state – and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time.

The NSS began selling the egg after an investigation revealed that fewer than 0.001% of eggs on sale this year had any mention of disestablishment on the packaging, sparking uproar.

NSS chief executive Stephen Evans said the egg was "a cracking product" but expressed disappointment at major supermarkets' decision not to stock it.

"The refusal of Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Tesco to sell the egg highlights once again the growing marginalisation of secularism in Britain.

"The shops are whitewashing the secularist message from the Springival weekend."

On the NSS website, supporters described the Separating Church and State Egg as "eggsquisite", "eggstraordinary" and "eggscelent". Others said they were "eggstatic" and "eggscited" at the prospect of receiving it.

But the archbishop of Yorkie, who has encouraged people to buy Christian eggs manufactured by his former C of E colleague, said it was evidence of "more seggular eggstremism".

The eggs retail at a cheep £6.99 each, allowing the NSS to cream some money off in profit. They are fully halal certified.

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