Leading Nigerian human rights advocate Leo Igwe to visit London

Posted: Wed, 13 Mar 2013

Leading Nigerian human rights advocate Leo Igwe to visit London

Leo Igwe, Nigeria's most prominent humanist and human rights activist will visit London later this month to giving a talk on 'Breaking the taboo of atheism in black communities'. Leo will also be a special guest at the National Secular Society's Secularist of the Year event.

The talk is being hosted by The London Black Atheists group who say black non-believers, in London and elsewhere, are starting to become more confident and active in openly challenging the over-bearing presence of religion within their families and communities and its negative social, financial and educational consequences. The group is encouraging secularists and humanists 'of all hues' to show their interest and support for this area of work.

The talk is part of increasing efforts to encourage black atheists, humanists and secularists to 'come out from the woodwork', to find a supportive environment when dealing with family and social reactions, to voice their opinions and be more proactive in the humanist, secularist and atheist movements.

Mr Igwe, in partnership with the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), is working to respond to harmful and growing superstitious beliefs throughout Africa, including belief in psuedoscientific "medicine" and witchcraft. A recent poll showed that around 55% of people living in Africa still believe in witchcraft and that this is correlated, unsurprisingly, with a lack of science education. Inevitably, this has had ramifications in London with its substantial African diaspora communities.

Following his short visit to London Leo will return to Africa to continue his research into witchcraft. A full biography of Leo Igwe can be found on Wikipedia.

The 'meetup' will take place in 'The Attic'at the newly refurbished Hackney Picturehouse on Monday 25 March (6.30pm). There is a bar on the ground floor and a lift to the Attic. Tickets will be available on the door. Cost £5 / £3 unwaged/students. A Facebook event page has been set up where you can RSVP and send out invitations to friends.

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