Towards inclusive education in Northern Ireland (online)

Towards inclusive education in Northern Ireland (online)

Towards inclusive education in Northern Ireland

Date: Saturday 21st May 2022 10:00 - 12:00

Tickets: Free event (registration required)

Every challenge Northern Ireland's education system faces is exacerbated by sectarian division. Over 90% of pupils in NI attend schools which are effectively segregated along religious lines. There are either no Catholic or no Protestant pupils in about 30% of schools. And religious sectoral bodies wield great power in NI, dominating the planning and delivery of education.

But 2022 could be a turning point for inclusive education in NI. This year an independent review of education is taking place, which has the potential to radically re-shape education. Meanwhile, legislation to make NI education more inclusive for pupils, their families and teachers has progressed in the Assembly.

This online conference will bring together reformers, politicians and academics to set out a secularist vision for education in NI – a vision that aims to end sectarianism and make NI a more inclusive society for people of all religions and beliefs.

The speakers will include:

Kellie Armstrong | Alliance MLA and sponsor of integrated education legislation
Topic: Progress and barriers to a more integrated system

Darragh Mackin | Phoenix Law, human rights lawyer
Topic: Christian bias and human rights issues in religious education and collective worship

Dr Matthew Milliken | University of Ulster academic
Topic: How religious discrimination and cultural encapsulation divide teachers

Megan Turner | Common Youth, training and development co-ordinator
Topic: Problems with relationships & sex education