Mon, 23 Apr 2018

‘Poland shatters a fragile peace with its Jews’

Legislation passed three months ago has confirmed some growing fears about anti-Semitism in Poland.


Fri, 20 Apr 2018

Faith schools must teach British values, Lords report says

Faith schools should not be exempted from the requirement to teach "shared values of British citizenship", a House of Lords committee has said.

Church Times

Exeter Mosque denies links to extremism after receiving donations from radical al-Qaeda-supporting cleric

Exeter Mosque is being asked to reveal details of donations from a radical cleric, with fears it has benefited from terrorism-related activity.

Devon Live

Official human rights body in NI partners with evangelical Christians to produce video

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has partnered with the Evangelical Alliance to produce a video on the importance of freedom of conscience, thought and religion.

News Letter

Report reveals social segregation on religious lines in Scotland

A survey conducted by the Scottish government has revealed that Catholics and Muslims are among those who tend to live in the most deprived parts of the country.

Scottish Catholic Observer

Danish political party wants minimum age for male genital cutting

The health spokesperson for the Socialist People's Party in Denmark has said it will vote in favour of a minimum age for male circumcision if the issue is put to a vote.

The Local (Denmark)

Bangladesh blogger: the wrath of a father demanding justice for his son's murder

An interview with Ajoy Roy, the father of the murdered blogger Avijit. For three years he has been waiting for answers on his son's murder – but no lawsuit has been concluded.


Southern Poverty Law Centre quietly deleted list of ‘anti-Muslim extremists’ after legal threat

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has removed a 'Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists' from its website after attorneys for Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim and prominent Islamic reformer, threatened legal action over his inclusion on the list.

National Review

Video of Iran 'morality police' wrestling with woman sparks outrage

Shocking video footage of a young woman being wrestled to the floor by Iranian "morality police" because her hijab was loose has sparked outrage after it was posted online.

The Guardian

Saudi Arabia's first cinema in over 35 years opens with Black Panther

Saudi Arabia has unveiled its first cinema in over 35 years with a private screening of the blockbuster Black Panther.

The Guardian

Indian journalist charged over allegedly ‘blasphemous’ cartoon

A journalist in India has been charged with blasphemy and is the target of a campaign of violent online harassment and death threats over a cartoon she drew of two Hindu gods. Reporters Without Borders has urged the Indian authorities to protect her.


Opening for abortion rights in Argentina

Protests and shifting public opinion have led Argentina's conservative president to call for its Congress to debate a broader legalisation of abortion in Argentina, which currently allows the procedure only in cases of rape or risks to the mother's health.

ABC News

Ukraine moves to split church from Russia as elections approach

Ukraine's Orthodox church could become independent of Moscow under the terms of a presidential initiative lawmakers approved on Thursday.


Thu, 19 Apr 2018

Lords report backs Ofsted on LGBT education in faith schools

A report by a committee of peers has said there should be no exemption for faith schools on teaching British values.

The JC

London protesters accuse Modi of ‘Hindu supremacism’ amid recent murders

Crowds of demonstrators have rallied in central London to protest a visit by the Indian prime minister. The protesters said India is becoming a "Hindu supremacist place" under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Evening Standard

‘Britain must speak out on India’s drift towards extremism’

Jawad Iqbal says the government needs to use Narendra Modi's visit this week to the Commonwealth summit to call him out on extremism.

The Times (£)

Nazi jailed after calling for the genocide of Jewish people

A self-confessed Nazi from Lancashire who called for the genocide of Jewish people has been jailed for causing racial hatred.


‘The Commonwealth should take the lead on freedom of religion and belief’

Preet Gill MP says confronting the demons of religious intolerance may not seem appealing – but it will strengthen the Commonwealth and society at large.

Huffington Post

Farmer wins battle with Church of England battle over land ownership

A farmer has won a long-running dispute with the Church of England about the ownership of his land.

Farmers Weekly

Irish archbishop stands firm on opposition to gay marriage

The most senior member of the Irish Catholic Church has said the church will not row back on its opposition to gay marriage before the Pope's visit in August.

The Times (£)

Yazidis who suffered under Isis face forced conversion to Islam

The Yazidis, who were recently the target of massacre, rape and sex slavery by Isis, are now facing forcible conversion to Islam under the threat of death.

The Independent

‘Liberals leave a vacuum on Islam which the far-right has filled’

An interview with ex-Muslim author Ali Rizvi. Rizvi argues that the left's reluctance to confront problematic parts of Islamic ideology has allowed the far-right to hijack the narrative about Muslims.


Christian groups one step closer to stopping same-sex marriage in Taiwan

Christian groups have edged closer to a national referendum on same-sex marriage in Taiwan. The latest development is a setback for marriage equality campaigners.

Gay Star News

Three Kansas men found guilty of bomb plot targeting Somali Muslim immigrants to US

Three men from Kansas were convicted yesterday of plotting to bomb an apartment complex where Somali immigrants lived and worshipped, following a four-week trial.


Merkel condemns attack on two men wearing Jewish skullcaps in Germany

German chancellor Angela Merkel has sharply condemned a street assault in Berlin on two young men wearing Jewish skullcaps. The attack has stoked a debate about anti-Semitism in the country.

Los Angeles Times

Wed, 18 Apr 2018

Bishop calls for gay people to be jailed in interview on BBC’s Today programme – NSS quoted

A bishop who has resisted the legalisation of homosexuality in Trinidad and Tobago appeared to defend jailing gay people in an interview on the BBC's Today programme. The NSS responded by saying his comments highlighted the importance of secular law.

Pink News

Theresa May says she deeply regrets Britain's legacy of anti-gay laws

The prime minister has said she "deeply regrets" Britain's historical legacy of anti-gay laws across the Commonwealth as its 53 leaders gathered in London for their annual summit.

The Guardian

Essex faith school deemed ‘inadequate’ amid ‘serious concerns about safeguarding pupils’

An independent faith school's Ofsted rating has plummeted from 'outstanding' to 'inadequate' in the space of six years.

Ilford Recorder

Engagement with Catholic schools in St Helens over sex education been "very difficult", says report

An official report has said engaging with Catholic schools on sex education has been "very difficult" in St Helens.

St Helens Star

Guernsey Christian leaders unite in opposition to assisted dying

Christian leaders from all of Guernsey's churches have united in opposition to a proposed bill to legalise assisted dying on the island. A proposal is due to be voted on in Guernsey's parliament on 16 May, with the backing of the island's chief minister.

The Tablet

Public oppose faith school admissions 'cheating'

A new YouGov survey has found that a majority of the public think it is 'unacceptable' for families to attend church to get their child into a religiously affiliated school.

Education Executive

Protests and rallies to greet Modi in London

Protests are set to be held today and later in the week as India's prime minister embarks on his second bilateral visit to the UK in three years. The treatment of religious minorities is one of the issues the protesters hope to raise.

The Hindu

‘The India I grew up in has gone. These rapes show a damaged, divided nation’

Anuradha Roy reflects on the reaction to the abduction, rape and murder of a girl from a Muslim family in India. She says "the slow sectarian poison released into the country's bloodstream by its Hindu nationalists has reached full toxicity".

The Guardian

Sex attack church elder banned from being alone with women

A church elder who carried out numerous sex attacks on elderly parishioners has been banned from being alone with women.

The Herald

Iceland’s Catholic leaders claim circumcision proposal is anti-Semitic

The Catholic Church in Iceland has spoken out against a proposal to enforce prison terms for those who cut infant boys' genitals.

Catholic Philly

Vatican exorcism course opens doors to 250 priests

The Vatican has opened its doors for its annual exorcism course amid increasing demand among some of the world's Catholic communities.


Tue, 17 Apr 2018

More than half of public says faith schools’ church attendance rule is ‘unacceptable’

Fifty-six per cent of the public thinks it is 'unacceptable' for Christian schools to admit pupils based on a family's church attendance, according to a YouGov poll.

Premier Christian Radio

British church leaders are branded Assad's 'useful idiots' after hailing “fascinating” talks with regime

Church of England leaders have been slammed for meeting Syrian officials and casting doubt on the Assad regime's atrocities there.

Daily Mail

Petition organised against Sunday opening of Stornoway arts centre

Petitioners on the isle of Lewis are gathering opposition to an arts centre's decision to open its doors seven days a week as soon as "operationally possible", according to reports.

Stornoway Gazette

‘The case that could end ritual male circumcision in the UK’

A woman from Nottingham is suing the doctor who carried out a circumcision on her infant son without her permission. A much-needed precedent would boost the cause against all forms of child genital cutting.

The Conversation

Corbyn invites Jewish groups to round table meeting

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to host a round table meeting with Jewish organisations.

The JC

Pupils take action on chaplain who opposed same-sex marriage

School children from Angus, in eastern Scotland, have set up a petition calling for the school to break ties with its chaplain over his views on gay marriage.

The Herald

'Make America Christian Again': religious nationalism explains Trump’s support, say sociologists

Christian nationalism has played a central role in the popular rise of Donald Trump and will continue to do so, according to a new report by three US sociologists.

Christian Today

Young people in US more likely to support abortion rights, says poll

A new national poll finds a growing divide between younger and older Americans on abortion and reproductive health care — a shift that may be driven in large part by changing attitudes toward religion.


‘Satanic’ metal band arrested on terror charges in Georgia

Two members of the veteran Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ were detained on terrorism charges ahead of show in Georgia last Thursday. Authorities accused them of practising satanism, their record label has said. The charges reportedly related to their band name.


Swiss woman files rape complaint against Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan

A Swiss woman has filed a criminal complaint in Geneva for rape against the Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan – who is already being held in custody in France on similar allegations – according to her lawyer.

Straits Times

Mon, 16 Apr 2018

Catholic Church yet to contact priest sex abuse victims

The Catholic Church in Scotland has apologised to two victims of a priest jailed for sexual abuse but is yet to contact them.


Government ministers hit out at church "abortion culture" claims

Government ministers have hit out at claims from bishops that repealing the Eighth Amendment would lead to euthanasia, eugenics and an "abortion culture".

The Times

"Like many women, I had an abortion in Ealing – and this is why I know they needed a buffer zone"

"Protest, by all means, when you feel strongly about something, but if you are intimidating women at such a vulnerable time, the law is quite right to say jog on."

The Independent

Germany: outrage as rap album with alleged antisemitic lyrics wins prize

Kollegah and Farid Bang win music award for album referring to Auschwitz, which comes amid growing concern about antisemitism.

The Guardian

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