Why facilitate segregation along religious lines, children of all faiths and none should be educated together in inclusive schools. It's just common sense to promote inclusiveness faith schools don't and making a new generation of 100% religiously selective schools is, ludicrous and backward.


I truly believe that children who experience cultural and religious plurality at school are better equipped to integrate and exercise critical thinking about their own culture and religion. This is beneficial to all of society. School should not be a place to entrench difference. It should be a place for all to come together without religion for the sole purpose of learning.

Daishik, from NORTHAMPTON

Inclusive schools are the best form of social interaction for young people not single or mostly single faith schools. Separating young kids along the lines of religion will not foster understanding between UK communities and create fear and mistrust. When UK Faith Schools are funded by all taxpayers why are they allowed to discriminate against who can and can't be schooled in these publicly funded educational buildings?


It is unjust that a certain section of the community gets preferential treatment and money simply because of their religious affiliation. There are far too many religious schools in Britain. We should be taking steps to reduce not extend their influence.

Charles, from READING

My granddaughter cannot get into her local school because she is not Catholic. Is it any wonder we have a divided nation when we force divisions on 5-year-old children?

Michael, from WARRINGTON

This is pure discrimination. It is not ok to use religious belief (and the belief of the parent at that, not the child), to hide behind discrimination.


This is very discriminatory. Why should a parent have to transport a child to a school out of their local area simply because they don't share a religion with others?


I cannot believe in this day and age we’re having to explain why it’s a bad idea to segregate people. Shameful.

Sophie, from NOTTINGHAM

Allowing schools to discriminate against students on the basis of their parents religion is socially divisive and fosters intolerance towards people of other faiths. The government should be seeking to eliminate discrimination in the UK school system, not increase it.

Jonathan, from NOTTINGHAM

To separate children from each other, and severely limit the education that they receive, simply because of their parents' religious beliefs, is a breach of the children's rights, and of our duty to give them as good an education as possible.

David, from BRIGHTON

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