Assessing the information that faith-schools are actively selective, avoiding those from disadvantaged backgrounds, exemplifies a genuine risk for social segregation and decreased social mobility in a discriminatory Britain, working explicitly for a select few.

Luke, from COVENTRY

It is wrong to discriminate against children on the basis of their parents' belief. This leads to segregation which will make Britain more divided.

Kristine, from EXETER

Religious indoctrination has no place in state schools. It is a matter for the home and only the home. If the situation was reversed and children were encouraged in school not to believe in a god there would be an outcry from the churches. The same consideration should be given to those of no faith.

John, from TAUNTON

Applying segregation to children on the basis of the parental religious belief when they are as young as 4 is scary and odious social engineering: Instead, ALL selection on the basis of religion should be reduced to 0%. STOP ABUSING THESE CHILDREN!


Religion has no place in modern education, and it has no place in admissions. Why should my daughters be discriminated against because they will not be involved in religion?

James, from OLDHAM

My son has just begun school. I was astonished when researching local secondaries at the unashamed discrimination based on parents’ beliefs. In a society which has rightly legislated against all forms of prejudice it is staggering that this bastion of discrimination continues to stand in the very place where we mould the values of our children.


I do not believe the state has a role in funding religion which should remain a private matter.

Alison, from TAUNTON

The only primary school in my granddaughters catchment area is a CofE school which has introduced a church attendance rule if oversubscribed. This is discriminatory. Please do not make matters worse. In fact, the requirement should be made illegal, or an alternative secular school should be provided.

Terry, from BLACKBURN

I can understand that religious organisations see that Faith schools are the only way they can keep their religion going by indoctrinating the vulnerable. But governments should know better.

Julie, from SHEFFIELD

Marketing or branding schools in a religious context is in my opinion quite wrong. A collective broad system, the same for all would be simpler and non-coercive. Educating a countries population should form a solid and united foundation for society, while having freedom to subscribe to religions independently if desired.


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