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Education & Schools

Faith schools

Independent faith schools

Compulsory worship

School evangelism

  • Nearly half of all CofE churches send a member of their ministry into schools to lead an act of worship.
    Source: Statistics for Mission 2016
  • In a survey of 300 schools, only 35% of schools had a policy which covered the participation, invitation or behaviour of external visitors and speakers. Only 16% of schools had a policy or policies concerning the partisan promotion of religious or political beliefs by external groups/visitors/speakers.
    Source: NSS
  • No policies of schools surveyed requires parents to be informed of visitors in advance, and no policies clearly prohibited religious proselytization or required a teacher/staff member to introduce an external visitor and make clear that they are representing their religious views.
    Source: NSS
  • Studies in 2009 found that the number of dedicated school chaplains increased by 25% in five years
    Source: The Guardian

Religious education

  • A quarter of England's secondary schools do not offer RE.
    Source: National Association for RE Teachers| Related news: Schools sidelining RE, survey finds (2017)
  • 57% think state-funded schools should teach knowledge about the world's main faiths even-handedly, without any bias towards any particular religion, and without trying to inculcate belief.
    Source: Ipsos MORI (2011)
  • More Christians oppose (38%) than support (31%) the teaching of 6-day creationism in state-funded school science lessons.
    Source: Ipsos MORI (2011)

Religion and the State

Religiosity in the UK

Christianity in the UK

Attitudes to religion and the state

The Church of England & disestablishment

Freedom of Expression

Free speech & 'blasphemy'

Equality & Human Rights

One law for all

  • Just 2% disagree with the statement that the law should apply to everyone equally, regardless of their personal religious beliefs, with 92% supporting it.
    Source: Ipsos MORI
  • 43% of UK Muslims support "the introduction of Sharia Law" and just 22% are opposed. 16% of British Muslims "strongly support" the "introduction of aspects of Sharia law into Britain".
    Source: Policy Exchange| Related news: Over 40% of UK Muslims support "aspects" of sharia law (2016)

Equality laws


Assisted dying


Reproductive rights


Religious non-stun slaughter

Public services & employment

  • 55% of people have little or no confidence in Church groups running "Crucial social provisions such as education". Only 6% have a lot of confidence.
    Source: YouGov / Oasis UK | Related news: Faith in public services?
  • 65% have no confidence in Church groups running "Crucial social provisions such as healthcare" with only 2% of people expressing a lot of confidence.
    Source: YouGov / Oasis UK | Related news: Faith in public services?
  • When asked "Whether a bank should, or should not, be able to insist an employee removes religious dress or symbol at work" a majority of Scots were in favour of allowing an employer to ask for an employee to remove a full Islamic face veil. 34% said they should definitely have the right to insist on this, and a further 31% said an employer should "probably" have the right to ask an employee to remove a face veil.
    Source: Scottish Social Attitudes Survey| Related news: New survey reveals Scots' attitudes to religious symbols at work (2016)