Mon, 11 Jun 2018

‘Stella Creasy’s abortion law campaign showed practical politics at its best’

Helen Lewis says the parliamentary debate on Northern Ireland's abortion law was a triumph of cross-party collaboration.

The Guardian

Home secretary: ‘Our response to terrorism is balanced’

As parliament prepares to debate the updated counter-terrorism strategy, Sajid Javid defends the government's approach.

The Guardian

Generation gap on raising abortion limit in Scotland

One in five young Scots say the legal limit for abortions should be extended beyond 24 weeks, according to a poll which exposes a generational divide over the issue.

The Times (£)

Catholic Church opens first anti-abortion campaign office in Scotland

The Catholic Church has opened a "pro-life office" in Scotland to co-ordinate a campaign against abortion.

Sunday Herald

‘Not placing Bibles at patients’ bedsides is sensible’

Neil Barber says it is "naïve and arrogant" of some Christians to assume hospital patients will want Bibles at their bedsides in this letter.

The Scotsman (via Press Reader)

'At least' 84 women on Isle of Man travelled for abortions last year

New statistics show 84 Manx women travelled to the UK for an abortion at their own expense last year.

Manx Radio

Thousands march for LGBT rights in pride parades across Europe

Thousands of people in cities across Europe marched in pride parades to support LGBT rights on Saturday.

The Guardian

Pennsylvania: 884-page Catholic Church sexual abuse report to be released

Pennsylvania's state attorney general is expected to release a report detailing decades of sexual abuse and cover-ups by the Catholic Church.

The Guardian

Network and actress apologise after Hindu nationalists react badly to plot of US TV show

The US network ABC and the actress Priyanka Chopra have apologised after some Hindus moaned about the plot of a TV show. In the show Chopra thwarted a terrorist attack planned by Hindu nationalists.


Fri, 08 Jun 2018

Northern Ireland abortion law clashes with human rights, judges say

Pressure is growing on the government to reform Northern Ireland's restrictive abortion laws after the Supreme Court concluded they are incompatible with human rights legislation. Meanwhile one woman has pledged to continue the legal battle by bringing her own case, in a bid to overcome a technicality which made yesterday's ruling non-binding.

The Guardian

‘Northern Ireland pro-choice campaign gathers momentum’

Campaigners have welcomed the call from judges yesterday for a radical reconsideration of NI's abortion law.

The Guardian

‘Did paedophile bishop Peter Ball exploit his friendship with Prince Charles?’

The support Prince Charles is said to have given a senior bishop while he defended himself against allegations of sexual abuse has raised serious questions.

The Sun

Sturgeon: Scottish government “is an unequivocal supporter of Catholic schools”

Further details from a speech given by Scotland's first minister on Saturday, when she praised Catholic education.

Scottish Catholic Observer

Legal challenge to west London council’s abortion ‘buffer zone’ is heard

The High Court is hearing a challenge to Ealing Council's decision to implement a 'buffer zone' around an abortion clinic. Judgement is expected to be reserved.

The Guardian

Spain’s new PM says he wants to “incorporate Islamic communities” while ending public funding for the Catholic Church

The new Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez has promised to remove religious symbolism from institutions, end public funding for the Catholic Church and remove religion from the school curriculum.

Christian Post

Norway's parliament votes to ban face coverings in schools and universities

Norwegian lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to ban clothing that covers the face in nurseries, schools and universities.

The Independent

‘As the world applauds Narendra Modi, is India losing faith in his Hindu nationalism?’

Hugh Tomlinson assesses a turn in fortunes for India's prime minister and his Hindu nationalist party.

The Times (£)

Argentina moves closer to legalising abortion

A bill to liberalise Argentina's restrictive law may fail, but the next attempt looks likely to succeed.

The Economist

‘How homosexuality became a crime in the Middle East’

The Open Future blog says a combination of colonialism, culture wars and Islamic fundamentalism have restricted sexual freedom, but grassroots campaigns and pressure from Western institutions can help to change this.

The Economist

Thu, 07 Jun 2018

Prince Charles will give evidence to child sexual abuse inquiry over paedophile bishop

The prince of Wales has been asked to give a witness statement to a public inquiry about a paedophile bishop convicted and jailed for abusing young men.

The Telegraph

Landmark ruling on Northern Ireland's abortion law looms at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will rule today on whether or not Northern Ireland's abortion law amounts to a violation of human rights.

Sky News

Scottish parliament unanimously passes gay pardons law

For centuries in Scotland, it was illegal for gay or bisexual men to act on same-sex attractions. Yesterday the Scottish parliament unanimously passed the Historical Sexual Offences (Pardons and Disregards) Bill, which automatically pardons past convictions for homosexuality.


Same-sex spouses have EU residence rights, top court rules

The European Union's top court has ruled in favour of a Romanian gay man's right to have his US husband live with him in Romania.


‘In defence of the Prevent programme’

Joe McElroy says teachers need to help protect children.


Interview with Peter Tatchell – NSS mentioned

An interview with NSS honorary associate and equality campaigner Peter Tatchell, covering topics including free speech and same-sex marriage.

Conservative Home

C of E bishop says gay people should atone before receiving communion

The bishop of Maidstone has appeared to suggest clergy should deny communion to people in gay relationships.

Pink News

‘Arlene Foster will drum up division when she visits Scotland for the Orange Order parade’

Annie Brown laments the DUP leader's forthcoming trip to the mining town of Cowdenbeath, where she will lead an Orange Order march.

Daily Record

The Presbyterian Church loosens ties with Church of Scotland over same-sex marriage

The Presbyterian Church has voted to loosen its affiliation with the Church of Scotland over its relatively liberal stance on the issue of same-sex relationships.

Belfast Telegraph

Bermuda legalises same-sex marriage — again

Bermuda's Supreme Court on Wednesday legalised same-sex marriage in the British island territory again — overturning a ban that was signed into law just four months ago.

NBC News

‘The desperation to keep Turkey different’

Donna Abu-Nasr and Cagan Koc say secularists are on the defensive in Turkey as an election looms.


‘More than a gag rule’

An interview with the head of a family-planning organisation in Texas on how President Trump's change to a federal birth-control programme will affect women.

The Atlantic

Wed, 06 Jun 2018

Ministers indicate Westminster may act on NI abortion reform if Stormont doesn’t

The equalities minister has urged Northern Ireland's politicians to take action to liberalise abortion law or risk Westminster stepping in. Her words came after an impassioned Commons debate on the subject. During the debate the Northern Ireland secretary cautioned against Westminster taking the matter into its own hands but added it would be subject to a free vote if it returned to parliament.

The Guardian

‘Abortion: After passionate speeches in Commons, what happens next?’

Suzanne Breen says the abortion debate still rages fiercely in Northern Ireland – but in terms of some change, the writing's on the wall for all who want to read it.

Belfast Telegraph

Report says 50% cap on faith-based admissions should apply to all faith schools

A report from the group British Future has called for the 50 per cent faith cap on new free schools – which allows them to select up to half their intake on the basis of families' religion – to be applied to all state schools. The report's other recommendations include forcing faith schools to twin with those from other faiths.


Home Office study says most programmes to stop radicalisation are failing

A Home Office study has found significant failures in the approach to deradicalisation in schools, youth centres, sports clubs and English-language classes. The problems it identifies include that teachers are afraid to bring up religious issues with their students without appearing discriminatory.

The Times (£)

Holyrood to pass gay pardons law

The Scottish parliament will pass a law that will automatically pardon gay and bisexual men who were convicted of sexual offences that are no longer illegal.


‘Three strikes’ for watching terror videos

Ministers are to introduce a "three strikes" law for people caught streaming terrorist content in a counterterrorism bill to be published within days.

The Times (£)

Pubs take down Saudi flag after complaints over display of Islamic symbol

A major brewery is removing the Saudi Arabia flag from World Cup bunting from hundreds of its pubs after complaints about displaying the Muslim profession of faith where alcohol is sold.


Conservatives accused of failing to deal with anti-Muslim bigotry

The chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum has accused his party of a failure to take action on bigotry against Muslims and joined calls for an independent inquiry.


Leeds mosque and gurdwara arsons treated as hate crimes

Arson attacks on two places of worship in Leeds are being treated as associated hate crimes by police.


‘One Iranian woman’s courageous struggle against being forced to wear the hijab’

An interview with Masih Alinejad of the My Stealthy Freedom campaign. She says all she wants is to give women the choice to wear the hijab or not.

The Guardian

‘Europe and America part ways when it comes to “religious freedom”’

The Erasmus blog says events in America are making it harder to agree about persecution and whom it afflicts.

The Economist

Tue, 05 Jun 2018

MPs granted emergency debate on Northern Ireland abortion ban

Theresa May is under mounting pressure to lift Northern Ireland's abortion ban after MPs were granted an emergency debate on the issue.

The Independent

May resists Tory calls to act on Northern Ireland abortion

The prime minister is unwilling to act to change restrictive abortion rules in Northern Ireland. She's understood to have told a private meeting of Conservative MPs that the political climate makes change impossible.

The Guardian

London teen guilty of museum terror plot

A teenager has been found guilty of plotting a terror attack on the British Museum in London with Britain's first all-woman cell.


Christian leaders moan as NHS bosses decide not to put Bibles beside beds in new hospital

NHS bosses have halted plans to place Bibles beside every bed in a new hospital after they ruled that Christianity should not be given preferential treatment.

Daily Express

Nicola Sturgeon announces cash boost for Catholic teaching programme

Scotland's first minister has announced a cash injection of almost £100,000 for a teaching programme for Catholic schools.

The Scotsman

US Supreme Court rules in favour of anti-gay baker in wedding cake case

The US Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 in favour of a Colorado baker who refused to create a wedding cake for a gay couple. Its narrow ruling leaves open the larger question of whether a business can discriminate against gay men and lesbians based on rights protected by the First Amendment.

The New York Times

‘The US “gay wedding cake” ruling won’t resolve religious freedom issues’

David Mislin says the narrow scope of the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision ensures America's divisive debate over religious freedom, which has raged for nearly two centuries, will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Conversation (US)

School in Oxfordshire criticised for only serving halal meat

Some parents have criticised a school in the Oxfordshire town of Didcot where all the meat served in the canteen is halal and packed lunches are not allowed.

Daily Mirror

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