Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Glasgow city council leader vows to reroute orange walks from Catholic church

The leader of Glasgow City Council has said Orange Order parades will be re-routed away from the site of a sectarian attack on a priest

The Scotsman

Ex-Tory Party consultant fined £6,000 for protesting against male circumcision

A former Tory Party consultant has been fined £6,000 for protesting against male circumcision after he blocked traffic in Parliament Square.


School’s new tactic to foil forced marriages

Metal hidden in underwear will be detected by airport scanners – and stop children being flown abroad

The Guardian

Church considers psychometric tests as experts raise fears about clergy narcissism

The Church is examining ways to analyse the personalities of new priests to in an effort to understand the types of people it is attracting.

The Telegraph

Jehovah's Witnesses must ask permission before collecting personal data on the doorstep

Religious groups must comply with data protection laws, the European Court has warned, as it rules that Jehovah's Witnesses must ask permission before collecting personal data on the doorstep.

The Telegraph

Butaleja Health Workers Subject Patients to Forced Circumcision

Patients in Butaleja and other neighbouring districts are distressed after health workers subjected them to forced circumcision in exchange for medical care.

Kampala Post

'A better life': India moves a step closer to legalising gay sex

Government decision to leave ruling to supreme court judges boosts campaigners

The Guardian

Muslims in China's 'Little Mecca' fear eradication of Islam

The Communist Party has banned minors under 16 from religious activity or study in Linxia, a deeply Islamic region in western China that had offered a haven of comparative religious freedom for the ethnic Hui Muslims there.

Mail Online

Australia: 'Investigating a Catholic school body is no dark conspiracy'

'The scripture says God does not show favouritism, but that rule clearly doesn't apply to schools funding'

The Guardian

Israel in turmoil over bill allowing Jews and Arabs to be segregated

Israel is in the throes of political upheaval as the country's ruling party seeks to pass legislation that could allow for Jewish-only communities, which critics have condemned as the end of a democratic state.

The Guardian

Gay couple whipped in Indonesia for sharia-banned sex

Two men flogged 80 times were among 15 people lashed outside a mosque for crimes including drinking alcohol and showing affection in public

The Times of Israel

Fri, 13 Jul 2018

Lancashire council withdraws non-stunned halal meat from school meals - NSS quoted

Lancashire county council voted on Thursday to stop providing halal meat to council establishments unless animals are stunned before they are slaughtered.

The Guardian

Terrorist taught faith school pupils to hate non-believers

One of the London Bridge terrorist attackers taught primary school children that non-Muslims were the "worst creatures" and told them it was OK to lie to their parents "in a state of war".


School inspectors defend sex-segregation battle against Al-Hijrah School

Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman says it's essential to stop 'conservative religious groups' dominating schools.

Birmingham Live

Nigerian couple claim asylum over female genital mutilation fears for daughters

A Nigerian couple living in England unlawfully have claimed asylum after telling immigration officials that their two daughters will be subjected to female genital mutilation if they return to Nigeria.

Care Appointments

British woman settles 'illegal adoption' claim against Catholic agency

A British woman who spent 40 years searching for her son after he was allegedly illegally adopted through a Catholic agency in Ireland in the 1960s has settled a court action.

The Guardian

Derry trouble: Bombs thrown at police in night of violence

Police have fired plastic baton rounds during one of the worst nights of violence in Londonderry for years.


Post-millennial generation ‘more tolerant’ of Christianity

Just over half of members of Generation Z (18-24-year-olds) responding to the ComRes survey said they had a positive experience of Christians and Christianity, although two-thirds said they never went to church.

The Guardian

Norwegian hospitals refuse to assist in circumcisions

Stavanger University Hospital in the country's west and Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen are not cooperating on the non-medical circumcision of boys younger than three years

The Times of Israel

Sri Lankan Islamic centre condemns ban on female circumcision as 'affront'

The Centre for Islamic Studies in Sri Lanka criticised the government after the health ministry denounced female genital mutilation (FGM) and prohibited doctors from any involvement in the tradition.

Dhaka Tribune

Declare me secular or atheist, man pleads in Gujarat high court

Rajveer Upadhyay argued that he has been suffering from the caste-based system, so he wants to describe his religion as 'secular' or as a nationalist, which according to him is the core value of the country.

The Times of India

Thu, 12 Jul 2018

Those who stand up to extremism 'vilified' in UK, says commissioner Sara Khan

Counter-extremism commissioner Sara Khan admits she has received death threats in the course of her work.

Sky News

Vehicles hijacked and torched following police clearing of Loyalist bonfires in Northern Ireland

The UVF has threatened to "orchestrate and participate in serious disorder", police have said, following a day of tensions where two bonfire sites in east Belfast were cleared.

The Independent

Church of England seeks law to protect cash-strapped cathedrals from being sold

A meeting of the General Synod, the church's parliament, this week set in train the passing of a new law which would prevent creditors from seeking the sale of a cathedral's land or buildings in the event that it falls insolvent.


Anti-Semitism row MP Naz Shah made shadow equalities minister

Naz Shah lost the parliamentary whip and was barred from party activity for three months in 2016 while an investigation was carried out.


Labour Jewish affiliate in row with party over antisemitism code

Labour's official Jewish affiliate has threatened formal dispute proceedings against the party unless it accepts an international antisemitism definition in full.

The Guardian

Catholic Church reluctant to condemn ‘gay conversion therapy’

The Catholic Church has been challenged to condemn so-called "gay conversion therapy" after the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that her Government was banning the controversial practice.

The Tablet

'Religion should be at heart of public debate', says Parliament's vicar

"There are those who say faith should not be mixed with politics but I say that should absolutely not be the case," says Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin


Iranian woman 'sentenced to 20 years in prison' for removing headscarf in protest

Demonstrator says she was jailed for 'opposing the compulsory hijab' and 'waving a white flag of peace in the street'

The Independent

Wed, 11 Jul 2018

C of E to create 100 new churches as number of Anglicans hits new low

The Church of England will create more than 100 new churches to "revive the Christian faith in coastal areas, market towns and outer urban housing estates" in the face of a record low number of people identifying as Anglicans.

The Guardian

Ireland: Abortions will be free, reveals Harris

Abortions will be available free of charge under laws agreed by ministers who have also approved a proposal for exclusion zones around clinics that carry out terminations.

The Times (£)

Reroute Orange marches, churches urge

The city council will review its stance on the parades after Canon Tom White was said to have been spat on, abused and threatened with a baton outside St Alphonsus Church on Saturday.

The Times (£)

'The murky truth about why women in England can’t have abortions at home'

'The law that requires women to take the necessary pills in a clinic is a moral hangup based on anti-abortion hysteria'

The Guardian

'Friar Tuck-style' bishop accused of sex assaults

A 'jolly Friar Tuck'-style former bishop abused his position to sexually assault two women, a jury was told.

The Express & Star

Farmers and halal sector 'urged to move closer' at halal event

The farming industry and the halal sector should forge better relationships, according to speakers at the AHDB halal event held in West Yorkshire.

Farming UK

New Delhi: Supreme Court Questions Religious Female Genital Mutilation

The Supreme Court today questioned the practice of female genital mutilation of minor girls in the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community, saying it violates the bodily "integrity" of a girl child.

The Wire

Kavanaugh record suggests he would favor religious interests in school debates

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's choice for the Supreme Court, has defended the use of taxpayer money for religious schools and backed student-led prayers at high school football games, siding with religious interests in the debate over government entanglement with religion.

The Washington Post

Pennsylvania: Judge rules against atheist advert

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that a government agency had every right to reject an atheist advertisement, despite adverts for churches being accepted.


Tue, 10 Jul 2018

Ofsted chief says school leaders must resist pressure on hijab

In a speech on Monday evening, Amanda Spielman urged school leaders to resist pressure on issues such as what children should wear or what is taught to pupils.

The Guardian

Ofsted chief attacks 'piecemeal' teaching of British values

British values such as tolerance and democracy should not be taken for granted, Amanda Spielman has said.


Christian doctor is refused work over transgender row

A Christian doctor was turned down for a job as a disability assessor with the Department for Work and Pensions after refusing to refer to transgender people using their preferred pronoun of "she" or "he".

The Times (£)

Bishop: prolonging life at any cost is not worth it

It is a waste of NHS money to keep people alive for too long, a Church of England bishop has said, suggesting that doctors could let some patients die a "good death" and save resources.

The Times (£)

Glasgow City Council responds to ‘ban Orange Walk’ petition

Glasgow City Council said its officers are set to meet this week "as it's perhaps time to review our procedures" after a hate crime attack on a Catholic priest during the Orange Walk.

Evening Times

'Theresa May’s call for an outright ban of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ will save lives'

'After years of contemplating suicide and being estranged from my family, I finally left conversion therapy. And I became committed to advocacy to ensure other LGBTQ+ youth never had to go through what I experienced'

The Independent

Indiana Judge dismisses Cannabis Church's case defending weed as religious sacrament

A cannabis church has lost a legal battle which claimed that the drug was a part of its religion and its members should therefore be allowed to use it legally.

The Independent

Imran Khan criticised for defence of Pakistan blasphemy laws

PTI leader accused of using blasphemy issue to win backing of religious right

The Guardian

Oregon parents who prayed over dying baby plead guilty

Two members of an Oregon church that shuns traditional medicine in favour of prayer and anointing the sick with oils pleaded guilty Monday to negligent homicide and criminal mistreatment in the death of their newborn daughter, who struggled to breathe for hours as family and friends prayed over her but did not seek medical care.


India's top court reviews homosexuality ban

India's top court began reviewing Tuesday petitions against a colonial-era ban on homosexuality, in the latest chapter of a legal tussle between social and religious conservatives and more liberal-minded Indians.

Mail Online

Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Birmingham man arrested over alleged circumcision assaults

A man has been arrested on suspicion of physical assaults against boys in relation to circumcision procedures.

The Guardian

Church of England ombudsman to oversee sexual abuse cases

The Church of England is to establish an independent ombudsman to deal with complaints over its handling of sexual abuse cases, and will seek other ways of strengthening independent scrutiny of its processes.

The Guardian

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