Baroness Turner of Camden was made a Labour life peer in 1985. She has spoken out in the House of Lords about faith schools, collective worship and RE and is a firm supporter of gay rights.

In September 2011 Amendments to the Education Bill were written in consultation with the NSS and tabled by Baroness Turner concering legislation that discriminates against teachers who do not share the faith of school.

Baroness Turner described the amendments as being "drafted with a view to protecting teachers and ensuring that they have legislative cover in line with the European employment directive and our equality law."

In closing the debate, Baroness Turner told the House Like most secularists, I also believe in equality. We also believe in freedom of religion. All we object to is that beliefs that we and other people do not share are simply imposed on us whether we like them or not. That is really what a lot of this is about. These amendments seek to protect the position of people who do not share a religious point of view but who nevertheless may be very good teachers."

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In November 2011 Baroness Turner tabled three amendments to the Education Bill which were worded in consultation with the National Secular Society, which you can read about here.

Baroness Turner passed away on 26 February 2018. You can read our obituary to her here.