We work in the UK and internationally to challenge religion's disproportionate influence on governments and in public life. We defend freedom and equality as a counterbalance to the powerful religious lobby and religious impulses that can threaten human rights worldwide.

We support secular cases in the courts; we lobby policy makers; and we provide a secular voice in the media. We have a 150-year track record of changing society for the better. And we have gained recognition at a global level.

The National Secular Society is a non-party-political organisation with members from across the social, religious and political spectrum.

The NSS is a democratic and independent non-profit organisation which receives no funding from government or other public bodies. Our campaigning is wholly supported by our members and supporters – people like you who share our belief in the urgent need to keep religion and politics separate.

Becoming a member of the NSS is a declaration of your belief in fairness, freedom and human rights. Make a stand. Join us and add your voice to the call for a secular society.