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Coming Out as Atheist: Richard E. Grant

The actor Richard E. Grant, currently appearing in Otherwise Engaged at the Criterion Theatre, was answering a questionnaire in the Times last Saturday. Here are his responses to some of the questions:
“You don’t believe there is anything after? I don’t waste any time thinking about the beyond, reincarnation or whether or not we are transported to another realm. I try to live life from moment to moment. What happens next doesn’t occupy a single atom of thought.
You never dabbled in, say, Daoism? I took a comparative religion course when I was at university to get an overview, but it had no impact whatsoever. As far as I’m concerned, Darwin has come up with the best theory of how, when and why we are here — nothing else has convinced me otherwise.
A view you’ve shared with your daughter Olivia? She is a non-believer, too, although that’s her choice. My wife is a Christian, but we’ve encouraged Olivia, now she’s 16, to make up her own mind. Like me, she came to the conclusion that both Heaven and Hell are here on Earth.”
He repeated these sentiments in an interview on BBC1’s Heaven and Earth Show on Sunday.

Published Fri, 04 Nov 2005