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National Secular Society

Challenging Religious Privilege


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It's official, {contact.first_name}: we're no longer a Christian country. Help us make the case for separating church and state.


Last week, census data revealed that less than half the population in England and Wales is Christian. Yet we still have an established church: The Church of England.

The situation is ridiculous. But it's no laughing matter. Thanks to the privileged position the Church holds within the UK state, it undermines equality, democracy and fairness for all:

• It has 26 places granted automatically to its bishops in the House of Lords - all with the ability to vote upon laws which affect us all.

• It is officially supported by our head of state, who swears an oath to maintain and promote the Church.

• Its prayers open every parliamentary session.

• It controls over a quarter of all primary schools and fights to maintain the unpopular law imposing Christian worship on all state-funded schools.

We're now a largely irreligious and religiously-diverse country. The case for separation of church and state has never been stronger.

If you agree, please take the following steps to support our campaign to separate church and state:

1. Ask your MP to support the separation of church and state.

2. Let us know why this campaign is important to you personally.

3. Tweet your support.

4. Become a member of the NSS if you haven't already, or make a donation.

Thank you very much in advance. With your help, we can make sure the UK is truly inclusive for all - whatever your religion or belief.