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National Secular Society

August 2018 update



Yesodey Hatorah are back in the news, this time not for their censorship of textbooks or restricting pupils access to advice, but their bizarre and extreme admissions rules that intrude into the private family lives of their pupils.

In Scotland Mhairi Black MP has questioned the future funding of Catholic state schools, and criticises their record of homophobia. Unfortunately the Scottish education minister says they have "no plans" to change the state funding for denominational schools or their ability to religiously discriminate. The Scottish government seems resolved to ignore the role of denominational schooling in promoting segregation. This comes against a background of polling showing almost

As religious belief across the UK continues to diversify and diminish – particularly among young people – politicians' commitment to faith based schools seems increasingly out of touch. But it would be a mistake to frame this in terms of religious vs. non-religious. Whatever your faith or belief, an inclusive education system today is our best chance of creating an inclusive society tomorrow.

Also in this update, a parent from Harpenden tells us how discriminatory faith schools restricted their family's school choice. We think it's so important for this campaign to share stories of ordinary people affected by faith schools. There's more information below and lots more information on how to get involved on the website.

Thank you to everyone continuing to write to your MP, share the petition, spread the message on social media and let us know about new faith school proposals. If you need resources or a No More Faith Schools speaker for a local group, please let us know.

Best wishes,

Alastair Lichten
NMFS campaign


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