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National Secular Society

October 2019 update



This month our big focus has been on supporting local parents in Peterborough campaigning against a proposed new faith school on a site where there is already a proposal for an inclusive community ethos school. There's more information in the story below, including a link to a dedicated campaign page and an information meeting we're holding on 28 November.

I've done a couple of talks about the No More Faith Schools campaign at groups across the country recently. On Thursday 10 October I'm giving one at North London Humanists. If you're interested in arranging a talk about the campaign, please do get in touch.

Our lead story this month highlights new research from the National Secular Society, which has found that last month over 20,000 children were sent to faith schools against their parents' preferences. All the details are below, along with information on how you can support the campaign.

Best wishes,

Alastair Lichten
Campaign coordinator - NMFS


Latest news & opinion


20,000 children sent to faith schools against parental preferences

More than 20,000 children were sent to faith schools in England against their parents' preferences this month, the National Secular Society has revealed.


NMFS campaign opposing new selective Catholic school

The No More Faith Schools campaign is resisting plans to open a Catholic school which could potentially select all its pupils... Read More »


Adjudicator can’t stop Jewish school’s impositions on families

A Jewish state school may continue enforcing strict religious observance criteria on children and their families.


Islamic girls’ school with forced hijab policy plans to expand

A Muslim girls' school which requires all its pupils to conform to a 'modesty code' and is allowed significant leeway to... Read More »


Help the campaign: Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

We've made some improvements to our template letter system to make it easier to write to NI Assembly Members, Members of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Members. If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales (whether or not you've already written to your MP), please take the time to write to your national representatives.


Featured testimonial


Teacher's perspective: Non-Catholics need not apply

When Rachel applied for a teaching position at a state funded faith school, she found that non-Catholics weren't welcome... Read More »


Help the campaign - share your story

  •   Have you been assigned a faith school against your wishes, like John from Plymouth?
  •   Were you unable to send your child to your local school because of religious discrimination, like Stephen from Newcastle Upon Tyne?
  •   Have you had to deal with unwanted evangelism at your or your child's school, like Helen from York?
  •   Have you been affected by faith schools' discriminatory relationships teaching, like Catherine from County Durham?
  •   Are you a teacher who's been turned down for a job because you're the 'wrong' religion, like Rachel from Sussex, or dealing with growing evangelism at a CofE faith school, like another of our contributors?
  •   You can help the campaign by showing the people behind the facts, figures and principled arguments against faith schools.
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