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National Secular Society


Welcome to your June 2021 update from the No More Faith Schools campaign. Over the last month we've continued to support local campaigns and activists across the UK. We're challenging divisive new faith school proposals and pushing for inclusive alternatives.

In Kingston upon Thames, we're organising residents calling on the local council not to open a discriminatory new faith school. In Oldham a new campaign group has been set up focusing on discriminatory admissions. Local campaigns like these need people like you to get involved.

Over on the site of the National Secular Society, which coordinates our campaign, I have written about our research suggesting that the Church of England downplays the extent of religious discrimination in admissions to the schools it runs. I argue that we should just end this shameful practice.

And meanwhile the head of a C of E school explains how a faith based inspection regime enabled the local church diocese to push its own interests - at the expense of those of students and the local community.

On Wednesday 9 June, I am doing the last in my series of online talks, at Ely Humanists. You're welcome to come along to learn more about the problems with faith schools, and why and how we can move to a secular education system. I am hoping that further No More Faith Schools events planed from September can take place in person.

Best wishes,

Alastair Lichten
NMFS campaign coordinator

P.S. If you want to get more involved in the campaign check out the ideas in 20 ways you can support an end to faith schools today.


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