Campaign Locally

You can make a vital contribution to the campaigns of the NSS by keeping alert to developments in your local area. Writing letters to local newspapers and to your local Councillors can reach thousands of people and is a great way to raise awareness of secular issues.

The local media are also always looking for stories, particularly those with a specific community angle.

Does your local Council begin meetings with Christian prayers? Write to the Chair of the Council and your local newspaper to lodge your objection. Read our Campaigns page for facts to support your argument.

Are your local schools 'faith'-based? Does your local Council fund school transport costs for pupils at 'faith' schools but not pupils at community schools? Find out how much this costs local taxpayers and make a fuss about it! Share your findings with the NSS to add weight to our national campaign – email us at

Scan your local media for any stories that might benefit from a secular response, such as a 'Big Society' initiative handing a local welfare service to a religious organisation, or a public servant not carrying out his/her full duties due to religious reasons (like the registrar who refused to perform civil partnerships for single sex couples).

Writing letters to the local paper and taking part in phone-ins on the local radio station are important ways to ensure the secular point of view is heard. Read our campaign pages to check the NSS position.

NSS leaflets and posters are available if you want to organise a stall in your local area. contact the office on 020 7404 3126 or email us .

We're always keen to hear about any local campaigning you do, so please get in touch with any questions, and let us know how it went.

Join a local group

Find out if there's a local group near you. These groups are independent of the National Secular Society, but all support its aims.

Local groups usually meet once a month. By joining you could be involved in:

  • Supporting NSS campaigns
  • Getting the NSS into your local press and radio
  • Organising events and stalls
  • Raising awareness about secular issues in your local area
  • Lobbying your MP and MEP
  • Fundraising
  • Socialising with like-minded people in your area.

If there is no local group in your area and you would like to set one up, please contact us

View a list of local groups affiliated to the NSS