Protect RSE

On Monday 25 February 2019, Parliament will debate a petition to allow parents the right to opt their child out of the relationship aspects of relationship and sex education (RSE). Parents may already opt their children out of sex education. The petition is organised by anti-LGBT activist Dr Katherine Godfrey-Faussett a leading organiser in the Stop RSE Campaign.

From September 2020 schools in England will have a duty to teach relationship and sex education (RSE). Many good schools already do this and the vast majority of experts agree that making RSE statutory will improve provision. The decision to make RSE statutory is supported by all teaching unions, all major sexual health charities and major LGBT equality groups, large sections of the youth sector and all major political parties in England.

The relationship education element of RSE – which is also to become statutory in primary schools – covers all aspects of healthy, consensual relationships. It equips pupils with an age-appropriate understanding of the diversity of relationships they will encounter in the world, from professional to personal, from friendships to romantic partnerships, from online to offline encounters. It equips young people to understand their and others' rights and responsibilities in a range of relationships, and to avoid unhealthy or unsafe situations.

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