What’s The Truth About The Ranting Cardinal? Did He Make Outrageous Abortion Comments Or Not?

It was widely reported last week the Cardinal Lopez Trujillo had told the medical team that carried out the first legal abortion in Colombia recently that they were all to be excommunicated. The ranting Cardinal was reported to have called all those involved in the termination of the 11-year-old rape victim’s pregnancy “criminals” and “outlaws”.

Now – after worldwide outrage – there are news agency reports that he is rowing back on this, denying that he made these intemperate comments and saying that no-one has been excommunicated. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/colombia/story/0,,1862542,00.html )

In our opinion, this is a shame. Kicking people out of the church is the biggest favour this bigot could do for them. Let us not forget that it was Trujillo who announced that the virus that causes AIDS can pass through condoms. He was roundly condemned by the World Health Organisation for such wicked lies that could cost the lives of thousands, but he never retracted the statement.

If anyone is the criminal in this instance, it is Trujillo.