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The Garden Collection

These six delightful cards are based on paintings from both the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and the extensive holdings of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Tulips (Garden - Kew)

Tiger Tulips (Garden Collection)

White Clematis Garden Kew

White Clematis (Garden Collection)

Kew Red Poppy

Red Poppy (Garden Collection)

China Blossom

China Blossom (Garden Collection)

Museo Rest A While

'Rest a While' (Garden Collection)

V&A Pink Chrysanthemum

Pink Chrysanthemum (Garden Collection)

The V&A Collection

The Victoria and Albert Museum (often abbreviated as the V&A) in London is the world's largest and finest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects. From this vast and varied collection, we have chosen a few images that we hope will delight those who receive them. The V&A deals in fashion and fabrics, as well as furnishings and objets d’art.

160mm x 160mm, these cards are printed on good quality art board with gloss finish. Images may vary, but you can be assured that they will all be of equal quality. Below is the range of cards we are offering.

V&A Wings Wind

Wings Wind (V&A Collection)

V&A Strawberry Theif

Strawberry Thief (V&A Collection)

V&A Small Talk

Small Talk (V&A Collection)

V&A Cat

Cat & Kitten (V&A Collection)

Batik Shawl

Batik Shawl (V&A Collection)

Wallpaper V&Ajpeg

Wallpaper (V&A Collection)

Natural History Museum collections

These cards are 153mm.x 127mm and are printed on 250gsm board with lustrous finish. They have no greeting inside, allowing you to use the cards throughout the year for a variety of greetings. They are so striking and unusual that they will stand out in any display of seasonal cards and will be a joy to receive.

The illustrations come from the Museum’s extensive collection, accumulated over 200 years. The original purpose of these illustrations was, of course, scientific – but they have a vibrancy that makes them beautiful in their own right.

Here is a representative sample of the illustrations. It may be necessary to change some images, but rest assured the quality will not vary. All cards are individually cello-wrapped and come with a white envelope.

The Birds Collection


Bluetits on Silver


Dusky Owl




Black-naped Monarch on silver


Long-tailed tits



The Fruits and Flowers Collection


Pears on Gold


Fossilised leaf


Morning Glory


Royal Cherry




Summer Fruits

The Animal Collection

Elephant NHM35


Lion NHM48


Giraffe NHM124








Winter Sun

here we offer the lovely “Winter Sun” pack – a mellow and evocative winter scene, just right for the solstice season. (Inside: Seasons Greetings)Pack of six cards, £5.95.


The Robin

And what seasonal greeting would be complete without a cheeky, perky Robin? And here’s ours, conveniently perched on a Holly Bush. (Inside: Seasons Greetings)Pack of six cards, £5.95.

Robinscene Pack

We also have our ever-popular cards from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which you can see in the shop.

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