The Nation’s Only Anti-Christmas Gift Shop Is Now Open On-Line

Following the spate of political-correctness-gone-mad-because-they’re taking-Christ-out-of-Christmas stories in the tabloids recently, the National Secular Society has opened its very own Insanely Politically Correct Winterval-Solstice-Holiday Season non-Christmas on-line shop.

It is packed with wonderful non-Christmas gifts and goodies, much of it unique and found nowhere else.

There’s a selection of exquisite secular greetings cards from the heartland of “Happy Holidays”, New York. Selected from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, these cards are beautifully produced and have greetings such as “Celebrate the Season” – and not a Madonna, Angel, Wise Man or shepherd in sight.

We have clothing with cheeky slogans to upset the vicar: “Religion is the Problem Not the Answer”, “I’m a Happy Heathen”; “Atheist and Proud of It” and so on. We have mugs that are similarly decorated.

We have a selection of DVDs, including the controversial American documentary The God Who Wasn’t There – which sets out to prove that there was no historical Jesus. Available only from this site in the UK.

Other titles include Inherit the Wind, about creationism versus Darwin; The Crucible about mad religious hysteria; Saved! an hilarious send-up of America’s Bible belt; the Magdalene Sisters – an indictment of Catholic cruelty; and The Crime of Father Amaro – a gripping study of religious corruption in Mexico.

Yes, there’s pretty much everything that the non-believer could wish for – and according to the last census, that’s nearly 25% of the population.

So, read our book “Our Pagan Christmas” (available in the shop) and find out how Christians hijacked the seasonal celebrations from much earlier cultures.