SPCK Bookshops Sold Off Because Of “Loss Of Interest In Christianity”

The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge – the 308-year old evangelising body – has sold off its 23 bookshops after they racked up record losses of £800,000. SPCK ascribes the crisis to the diminishing interest in Christianity. It has been taken over by St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust, whose first action was to remove the Koran from the shelves and declare a war on secularism. The trust has promised to revitalise the shops and fight back against what it calls “the explosion of Islam”. The CofE retains a minority stake interest in the bookshops.

The Trust’s chairman, Mark Brewer, a Texan lawyer, complained that Anglican Church attendance had collapsed and that churches had been turned into shops, flats, drinking establishments and places of worship for other faiths. He commented: “England has become not only extremely secularised in recent years but has witnessed the explosion of Islam... In an effort to stem the growth of non-Christian faiths and re-establish Christianity in areas where it has been driven out, the Trust has acquired a beautiful building in Bradford. This city has one of the highest percentages of resident Muslims in the UK.”