A religious bias or superstition should never be allowed to prevent appropriate sex and relationship education.


Comprehensive sex education for all young people is crucial for reducing sexual violence, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. The safety and health of young people are more important than shielding them from ideas that some disagree with.

Kate, from LEEDS

Relationship and sex education in schools shouldn't be distorted by religious dogma as it's a matter of good public health and awareness of human relationships

Dan, from DUDLEY

As a gay man who went to school during Section 28, I suffered from institutional homophobia - being accused of being gay was the ultimate slur. With all the legal freedoms and gains made over the last couple of decades how disheartened I was to learn of the treatment of an openly gay senior teacher in a Birmingham school. Things will change with an equality-first approach to all school settings where religion does not trump the rights of others or influence policy agendas to their advantage.

Nicholas, from SOUTH LONDON

My children went to a CofE primary school where sex outside of marriage was barely spoken of and gays hardly existed. I don't want that and neither did they. Also, an increasing number of parents are unmarried whether single or not, and saying marriage is the only way forward with a family is disrespectful towards them.

Kathleen, from TWICKENHAM

I went to a faith school, the poor level of education and shame around sex education has had a lasting negative effect.

A Supporter

Learning about non-heterosexual relationships is not a matter of personal preference or choice. It's about seeing the world as it is, and not as you want it to be. Moreover, if you want the people of the world to be solely comprised of heterosexual relationships, you should ask yourself what business you have interfering in other people's private lives.

Jessica, from HULL

Society is better if children are properly educated in all matters relating to the functioning of human minds and bodies, their own and in others. No one should be left in the dark.

Brian, from LUTON

At least one in 20 pupils will be LGBT, children must be made aware that this is natural and part of human nature.

Stephen, from MANCHESTER

Faiths of all persuasions have so many hang ups with the question of sex and sexual orientations that they are in no position to give unbiased information to young people especially youngsters of their faith. As someone brought up as a Catholic, I had no sex education and was in complete ignorance of even the most basic facts.

Norman, from DERBY

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