Secularist of the Year presentation 2007

Secularist of the Year presentation 2007

This year’s £5,000 Irwin Prize for Secularist of the Year will be presented at a glittering lunchtime event in central London by Richard Dawkins.

Date: Saturday 20 October 2007

Time: Lunch served 1.30pm – presentation ceremony approximately 3pm

Place: Central London location

Organised by the National Secular Society, the annual prize is awarded to the person or organisation adjudged to have contributed significantly to the cause of secularism.

On this year’s shortlist are:

Matthew Parris – columnist on the Times
Kenan Malik – commentator
Oliver Kamm – political pundit
Johann Hari – Independent journalist
Mina Ahadi – founder of the Ex-Muslim Council of Germany
Sam Harris – author of “The End of Faith”
Michel Onfray – author of “In Defence of Atheism”
Peter Tatchell – human rights activist
Index on Censorship – for defence of free expression