Raise your voice against sharia law

An opportunity to express resistance to the encroachment of sharia law in this country will be available next week when the One Law for All Campaign organises a protest demonstration and meeting in London. Please try to be there – it is important that we show that there is opposition to the growing clamour for official recognition of this pernicious system of injustice. We will also be objecting to all religious-based tribunals that operate here of any religion.

On Saturday 7 March we will meet at North Terrace, Trafalgar Square, 3:30–4:30pm for a symbolic demonstration followed by a march to Conway Hall from 4:30–5:30pm.

Then join a public meeting entitled Sharia Law, Sexual Apartheid and Women’s Rights from 6:00–8:00pm at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. Speakers include: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Journalist and British Muslims for Secular Democracy Chair), Naser Khader (Democratic Muslims Founder), Kenan Malik (Writer and Broadcaster), Maryam Namazie (One Law for All Spokesperson), Fariborz Pooya (Iranian Secular Society and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain Chair), and Carla Revere (NSS vice-president and chair of the Lawyers’ Secular Society). More information.
Hear Maryam Namazie talking about this campaign in Guardian podcast

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has reiterated his call for sharia tribunals to be recognised.
And a councillor in Harrow, Middlesex calls for full sharia law in the UK

27 February 2009