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Fri, 21 Aug 2015

It's no longer possible to assume that a declared progressive will defend free speech, secularism, women's rights, homosexual equality, cosmopolitanism and the spread of scientific inquiry.

Oliver Kamm, Jewish Chronicle

Programmes on religion (15%) are the least popular offering from the station's programming in terms of claimed listening.

BBC Trust, On Radio 4 in a report on BBC speech radio

Fri, 14 Aug 2015

I fear that too many Muslims disagree with Isis' caliphate, not because it is a caliphate, but because it is not their caliphate. The very idea of resurrecting a theocracy in this day and age has worrying levels of support.

Maajid Nawaz, Independent

No matter how uncomfortable it might make you feel, FGM is here in the UK, and it's our duty to talk about it.

Fahma Mohamed, Independent

Fri, 07 Aug 2015

Brave reformist voices have to contend with slings and arrows from within their communities; but also from activist journalists at supposedly liberal media outlets.

Toby Smith, Left Foot Forward

Fri, 31 Jul 2015

Those keen to deny the links between violent and non-violent extremists often point out the links between groups like the English Defence League, Britain First and anti-Muslim hate crime. Ideology suddenly becomes key and a precursor to violence when it is right-wing but not when it is Islamist.

Amjad Khan, Left Foot Forward

Fri, 24 Jul 2015

In defending with confidence an inclusive British identity based on democracy, the rule of law, the freedom of expression and worship, and equality regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or faith, the prime minister has made it clear why a literal application of unreformed Islam is incompatible with British values.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Times (£)

Education is the single factor that could end [forced marriage]. Not only do Muslim women need to be educated about their rights, but religious and community leaders must challenge these deep-rooted, indigenous cultural traditions within Muslim communities.

Sajda Khan, Independent

Fri, 17 Jul 2015

The church's sporadic record of compelling obedience to its teachings through violence and coercion is a cause for humility and shame.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby,  Times (£)

While we agree with [Sadiq] Khan that it would be great to see a Muslim mayor for London, as indeed it would to see a black mayor or woman mayor, above all it would be good to see a mayor who could truly command the trust of Londoners irrespective of their colour, creed, race, or gender.

Khalid Mahmood MP and former Labour MP Shahid Malik, Accusing Sadiq Khan of exploiting the aftermath of the 7/7 London attacks for personal gain in his bid to become London Mayor

Fri, 10 Jul 2015

There are atheists who believe that religion should be illegal. That would result in religious persecution. That would be legal, governmental persecution based on religious belief. That is not secularism. I, and many atheists, stand in opposition to that belief. It's not what we believe.

James Kirk Wall,  Chicago Now

The reality is that many people who join Isil, like the Mannan family, quote the same religious-political arguments as non-violent extremists do; ideology is the common thread between both.

Sara Khan, Telegraph

Fri, 03 Jul 2015

Islamicist terrorism is [on] a deadly mission. It hates the best of human achievements, equalities, freedoms, diversities within Islam and across the world, the fragile, precious, precarious bonds between civilisations and peoples. It seeks domination, is taking over lands and is likely to go on for a very long time. Its advances cannot, for now, be repelled but its evil messages can and must be repudiated.

Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Independent

During the passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, Rev. Melvin Tinker in Hull told me that if I supported it, he would instruct his congregation not to vote for me. That might have something to do with why my majority went from 641 to 12,899.

Diana Johnson MP

What I want to see is policy making based on evidence. Scientific evidence, medical evidence, social science evidence, not on the Bible.

Anna Lo MLA

Fri, 26 Jun 2015

It's time our politicians establish secularism in our democracy, both in action and in spirit and unite Independent India as one, for the very first time, ever.

Saad Bin Jung,  Former Indian international cricketer, writer and novelist

As long as a distorted version of 'religious freedom' continues to be used for political purposes and to cause harm to others, I will continue to protect our communities and preserve the wall of separation between church and state.

Rev. Steven Baines, Religious Outreach Director at Americans United for Separation of Church and State