Pope in Germany – more bad news for his holiness

There’s little good news for the pope’s visit to Germany, according to this article in the newspaper Spiegel which reveals that most of the leading politicians who are Catholic do not live by Catholic standards. What with divorces, remarriages, illegitimate children, openly gay relationships and the Chancellor being a Protestant, it is clear that modernGermany doesn’t have much time for the pope’s medievalism.

A poll for Speigel asked “Should the Catholic Church in Germany have a greater or lesser influence on politics and society in future?”

Result: should have more influence: 8%; should have less influence: 50%.

In a recent survey for the Bertelsmann Foundation, only 37 percent of German Catholics and 14 percent of Protestants polled thought what the pope said during his trip would be important. Nearly three quarters of Catholics polled wanted the Church to liberalise and only 13 percent supported the return of traditions fostered by Benedict.

Most of the German public is not awaiting any spectacular event either. Fifty-three percent of the population does not believe the pope‘s visit will bring about any defining change, according to a recent poll by the Emnid Institute.