Ep 41: Year in review

Posted: Tue, 22nd Dec 2020

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In the final episode of 2020, Emma Park is joined by members of the NSS team to look back at an unusual year of campaigning and activities.

The team discuss some of the year's key developments and what 2020 has revealed about the state of secularism in the UK and abroad. They also consider the impact of Covid on the NSS's work and plans for next year.

Alastair Lichten (head of education) discussed the NSS's education work, from the No More Faith Schools campaign to curriculum reform in Wales.

Chris Sloggett (head of communications) reflected on one of the year's most shocking news stories – the atrocious killing of teacher Samuel Paty – and the media's subsequent coverage.

Emma shared her favourite memories from the podcast, including Ep 35: Dignity in Dying, and plans for the future.

Megan Manson (head of policy & research) reviewed some of the policy areas where the NSS's practical secularist position is gaining ground, including proposals for marriage law reform.

Stephen Evans (CEO) looked back on the bill to end bishops' automatic seats in parliament, and what the reaction tells us about the establishment's deference to the Church of England and opposition to reform.

You can find out more about our work this year in our 2020 annual report.

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In the latest episode of the NSS podcast members of the team reflect on the year's events, what 2020 has revealed about the state of secularism in the UK and abroad, and more.
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