Ep 35: Dignity in Dying

Posted: Thu, 1st Oct 2020

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In this episode, Emma Park speaks to Lloyd Riley, policy and research manager at Dignity in Dying, a not-for-profit organisation that campaigns for the legalisation of assisted dying in the UK. With him is Mick Murray, a member of Dignity in Dying who supported two dear friends with terminal illnesses when they were refused assistance to die in the UK, and accompanied them to Switzerland, where assisted dying has been decriminalised.

Lloyd and Mick argue that the time is ripe for UK laws to be changed to reflect the transformations in society, attitudes and medical knowledge that have occurred in recent years.

The NSS believes that decisions over assisted dying should be based on autonomy and medical ethics, not religious dogma. We therefore support campaigns to facilitate individuals' rights to seek a medically assisted death whether through legislative changes or judicial rulings.

Emma is also joined by Dr Antony Lempert, chair of the NSS Medical Forum, to reflect on the arguments for and against changing the law, the fearmongering of some religious leaders and their privileged role in the debate, the stance of the British Medical Association, and his own experience as a GP in palliative care.

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