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Ep 16: Operation Christmas Child | Faith schools

Posted: Mon, 14 Oct 2019

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In this week's episode, Emma Park speaks to Megan Manson about Operation Christmas Child, a programme that encourages schoolchildren and youth groups around the UK to send Christmas shoeboxes to children in developing countries. Those sending the shoeboxes may not be aware that they are being used as part of a conversion drive by an evangelical Christian charity, Samaritan's Purse. The case raises the question of whether 'the advancement of religion' should still be a charitable purpose.

Emma then speaks to Alastair Lichten about the NSS's revelation that 20,000 children have been assigned to faith schools in the state sector this year despite their parents opting for a non-faith school as their first choice.

The episode also features highlights from our 2019 Bradlaugh Lecture. Assistant head Andrew Moffat defended inclusive education in his talk 'No Outsiders: Reclaiming Radical Ideas in Schools'.

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Does Operation Christmas Child benefit the public?

Samaritan's Purse Mission Statement

Charities Act 2011, section 3: List of charitable purposes

Complete videos of the NSS's Bradlaugh Lectures

20,000 children sent to faith schools against parental preferences in 2019

Listening to the latest NSS podcast! Learning about the problems with Operation Christmas Child, and tens of thousands being sent to faith schools against their parents' preferences.
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Tags: Admissions, Charity, Education, Faith Schools, Samaritans Purse

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