Ep 12: Circumcision | No Outsiders

Posted: Mon, 12th Aug 2019

Ep 12: Circumcision | No Outsiders

Chris Sloggett spoke to NSS chief executive Stephen Evans and campaigns officer Megan Manson about the recent BBC documentary A Cut Too Far? and the ethics of ritual infant male circumcision. Did the documentary go far enough and is the tide turning against this abusive practice?

Also in this episode our head of education Alastair Lichten spoke with Andrew Moffat, creator of the inclusive education resource 'No Outsiders' and speaker at our upcoming Bradlaugh Lecture.

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Listening to another great NSS podcast! The team discuss ritual infant circumcision and there's an interview with Andrew Moffat about the No Outsiders resource. Check it out and subscribe:
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Bradlaugh Lecture

Bradlaugh Lecture 2020 | The Ultimate Blasphemy: Disestablishing the Church of England

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Tags: Faith schools, FoRB, Genital cutting

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