Author: Stephen Evans

Government’s GCSE subject content review is another missed opportunity

The Government's proposal to reform the religious studies GCSE subject content falls far short of what's really needed,... Read More »

The Christmas nativity: Let it go! Let it go!

After it this week emerged that some school nativity plays are losing their religion, Stephen Evans argues that schools... Read More »

Transport to faith schools: Local authorities shouldn't be subsidising religious segregation

A "hideous form of discrimination" or the justifiable removal of a religious privilege? NSS campaigns manager Stephen... Read More »

Sixth formers: You have the right to withdraw!

Sixth form pupils can excuse themselves from acts of worship – but it appears some schools aren't so keen on... Read More »

Teachers shouldn’t be the victims of religious discrimination

The degree to which we tolerate discrimination against teachers in state-funded faith schools would be totally unacceptable... Read More »

Principles of secularism and equality must be defended

Attempts to erode equality and undermine secularist principles must be challenged, argues Stephen Evans.

Those seeking... Read More »

Ministerial role that promotes religion should have gone, not just the Minister

As Eric Pickles takes over Baroness Warsi's ministerial responsibilities for promoting faith, Stephen Evans argues... Read More »

Why the time has come to end compulsory worship in schools

With the launch of a new petition calling on political parties to make the removal of the collective worship requirement... Read More »

School chaplains: the Church of England's latest plan to evangelise in schools

With the majority church schools now employing Christian chaplains, Stephen Evans questions whether public money intended... Read More »

‘Halal hysteria’: Religious exemption from animal welfare law is the real issue

Food retailers should be upfront about what they're serving up, but the main issue is one of animal welfare, and the... Read More »

Faith schools: whose education is it anyway?

Education policy and practice should focus more on children's independent interests and building a shared society... Read More »

The Church of England’s unrelenting exploitation of the nation’s schools

The Church of England's intention is clear. State funded schools will be regarded as churches – and serve as... Read More »

Secularism seeks to balance everyone’s religious freedoms fairly. Why would anyone oppose that?

Despite the claims of its critics, secularism protects the freedom of conscience for all citizens, and welcomes believers... Read More »

Evangelism in schools?

A report published this week by the National Secular Society has shone a much needed spotlight on the activities of... Read More »

Egyptians are in urgent need of the protection secularism can offer

Earlier this week a ten year old child was shot dead as she walked home through the streets of Cairo on her way home... Read More »

Why the Guides’ new Promise is something to be celebrated

The reaction to the Girlguides decision to amend their promise has been greeted in some quarters as if it signals... Read More »

Woking: equal treatment vs. religious privilege

This week, The National Secular Society launched legal action against Woking Borough Council over its policy of offering... Read More »

Why are children being forced into faith schools?

By Stephen Evans, Campaigns Manager, National Secular Society

When primary school places were allocated in England... Read More »

Take part in the Scouts and Girl Guides consultations on the promise

Despite describing themselves as "open and inclusive" organisations, both the Scouts and the Girl Guides currently... Read More »

Census 2011: What has caused this massive flight from Christianity?

So, now we have the census figures and, as expected, there has been a huge drop in the number of people declaring... Read More »

Why won’t the Government get serious about caste discrimination?

When the Equality Act was passed by parliament in 2010, it was hailed as a piece of landmark harmonising anti-discrimination... Read More »

An important lesson that politicians can learn from the American election

"The Religious Right is dead" announced the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday morning after the defeat of the Republican... Read More »

Time to rethink the Church's role in state education

It's the same every year. No sooner have kids gone back to school than we notice a spike in calls to the office from... Read More »

Time to challenge the religious slaughter of animals

Last week, the Birmingham Mail reported that Birmingham City Council's trading standards department had seized hundreds... Read More »

Faith based welfare looms as local authorities ask 'Big Society' to feed the poor

As the UK economy stagnates, charity-run food banks are booming. But as most are run by churches and faith groups,... Read More »